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The YouTube Casino Streaming War Continues!

The YouTube casino streaming saga continues. After the initial scrapple documented at the start of the season, YouTube has done it again. Inexplicably, as of yesterday’s live stream, we have become the victims of YouTube’s latest algorithmic punishment. What is the raison d’etre behind YouTube’s actions? Will SlotsFighter be back on the YouTube casino streaming circuit anytime soon? Find out more below!

youtube casino streaming banned

The Odyssey of YouTube casino streaming

YouTube casino streaming is no new phenomenon. Ever since legitimate online casino streamers started broadcasting their slots playing action online. BlackCatSeven, SlotsFighter season 1 runner-up, has already written extensively on this topic on his website. So without sinking deeper into the nitty and gritty, slots streaming already has a history. Several established streamers have had their channels up and running for years!

youtube casino streaming legend

A pioneer of the YouTube streaming community, CasinoTwitcher, already started his first streams on Casumo way back in 2015. Note the date! That is a whole three years predating SlotsFighter and other casino entertainment streamers on both YouTube and Twitch. With several other channels following suit, slots players streaming their casino action became the norm. It wasn’t difficult. Sure, it costs money, but you could share your wins and losses with the world. Something that a large number of gaming enthusiasts had wanted to do for ages. This trend went seemingly undisturbed for quite some time.

Until now!

The hammer drops

As of June 2018, the YouTube casino streaming community has received a shockwave. An unpreceded series of suspensions, strikes, and bans went out to live streamers broadcasting their material on Twitch. Receiving news coverage from far-reaching media such as The Atlantic, this did not go unnoticed. For a significant amount of streamers, streaming is their livelihood. They might be risking their bankrolls, but at the same, they also risk losing revenue. The issue was detailed in reasonable detail by fellow SlotsFighter contestant Chipmonkz:

Shortly after this, the situation seemed to be rectified. Fellow streamers such as LetsGiveItASpin and CasinoDaddy also received channel strikes, but their accounts were recovered in due time. The YouTube community team on Twitter came out with an announcement that it was due to a deliberate mistake on their part:

With most accounts now safely recovered, strikes removed. All seemed fair and right in the world again.

Not quite.

The mystery thickens. On Jun 11, a wave of bans starting going out through several channels once again. Prominent streamers such as DavidLabowsky yet again received suspensions during their streams. The explanation? As cryptic as the resurgence of the bans. A barren string of words was all that marked a handful of channels.

youtube casino streaming strike

And so it goes on. It goes without saying, the SlotsFighter channel on YouTube also received such a suspension during yesterday’s broadcast. Despite our advocacy for responsible gaming and adherence to YouTube’s policy, yesterday’s stream was cut off during the midway point. The explanation? Well. We’re in the same situation as everyone else. This is the first time our channel has been hit by such a strike, but the situation is different for Russian streamer LUDOJOP.

As we can see, it’s an endless see-saw. Without further explanation on YouTube’s part, the actual reason can only be speculation at this point. We are still waiting for clarification as to why online gaming channels are being persecuted on YouTube. Regardless, we will keep you updated as the situation develops.

The future of SlotsFighter and YouTube casino streaming

No worries. SlotsFighter is not going anywhere. We are still broadcasting live on Twitch and our webpage. For now, we shall continue to monitor the situation and respond as appropriate. Twitch has shown to be not only a great casino community, but very responsive to all prior inquiries. For that reason, the SlotsFighter stream shall stay exclusive to the Twitch platform for now.