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Turn Your Fortune: Twist Your Luck For The Better

Are you ready to venture into a slots game full of mystery and excitement? Then it’s time for you to find your key to your fortune on NetEnt’s brand new game Turn Your Fortune. An exciting new release that carries a peculiar vibe and plenty of big wins to be found. But before you dive into the game – why not just get to know it a little better. Perhaps, none of the promised riches can genuinely be found here. So, let’s get right into this Turn Your Fortune slot review!

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review

Turn Your Fortune is a 5-reel, 4-row slot with 40-fixed paylines. The game packs nine different symbols – 4 basic or low-win symbols and 5 “premium” or medium-win symbols, as well as the scatter symbol, key symbol, and the wilds. That said, there’s already some sign that this game might be up for some disappointment. Although the symbols have a somewhat unique design, it seems like something is being covered up. And it might be right too – because the value for the symbols are trash. Only hope you can have for a big win is the bonus at most, but we’ll get to that later.

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review Game Screen

The slot also has some of the regular betting mechanics as with most other NetEnt slots with ten levels and a bet range between €0.20 and €200. Also, it’s low volatility (obviously) with an RTP of 96,24%. The maximum potential win per spin is 2000X that can only be obtained by collecting keys and climbing the multiplier ladder. Again, nothing screams potential here so far, so let’s keep digging.

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review: Features

With 5-reels and 4-rows and very low paying symbols, the chances to win big are spread out very thing. However, the only bit of that chance that is holding on to this game are the two key features Fortune Re-Spins and Free Spins. And well, then there’s the Fortune Wins, which works like glue in this game by holding all the elements together.

Fortune Wins feature is a progressive multiplier that increases as key symbols are collected on each spin. However, the progression sticks during the Free Spins and Re-Spins and those are the only conditions that the Fortune Wins are noteworthy.

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review Fortune Wins Steps

Fortune Re-Spins feature in this slot is relatively simple. Two scatter symbols landing on reel 1, 3 or 5 trigger the feature. The trigger happens only if there is an appropriate bet-line win besides the two scatter symbols. The highest paying symbols within the bet-lines on the triggering spin are the collectible symbols. Then, the symbols then turn sticky and add up to the cluster until no more new symbols connect or appear. Then the collectible symbols continue to add to the Fortune Wins progression and so on.

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review Re-Spin

All in all, there’s something to this feature, but it doesn’t fully work out. It can boost up some low-value hits given the right circumstances, which are quite rare to encounter. Given that this is another low-volatility NetEnt slot, there’s not that much to expect from the Re-Spins most of the times.

The Free Spins bonus game in the Turn Your Fortune slot is a mix of the base game and re-spins. Except, without the sticky symbols. A wheel is turned (and your fortune, haha) before entering the bonus. Then, some free spins and the collectible symbol is chosen along with a shot of getting the first key. That said, the bonus is also kind of average – can be a hit or a miss and overall tricky to predict. When it is a miss, then it can be quite devastating.

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review Bonus Wheel

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review: Design

In all honesty, the game design looks pretty neat. Something to that peculiar shine, oddity and highly saturated colors that makes this a treat. It does have that early 2000s game design vibe, but not in the same way Merkur Gaming delivers it in their slots. In addition to the visuals, the audio in this is also splendid. The soundtrack sounds like something taken from one of the first two Blizzard’s Diablo games. In general, all these elements add to the mystery that is the core theme of the game.

Turn Your Fortune Slot Review: Conclusion

For the most part, Turn Your Fortune is not a bad game. It’s pretty okay at most, but it seems like a recurring statement about NetEnt slots recently. In the long run, looks like NetEnt is going for quantity over quality. Can’t blame them either as the demand for their games is rapid across online casinos. Even still, Turn Your Fortune slot has its limits, especially in the multiplier area and its restricting features.

Nevertheless, if you would like to take a shot at the game, start your year with a new online casino and a new game as it releases on January 3rd, 2019.