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Swipe & Roll: SlotsFighter Slot Review

The golden age of slots has returned! Or has it? The one and only NetEnt is coming out with a not-so-brand-new old-school vintage-themed online slotSwipe & Roll! So, get ready to jive, rock’n’roll and dive into the big wins. Because this slot is taking you back to the 1950s. Though, is going back in time just what we need to find those big wins? Well, fortunately, we had the exclusive opportunity to take a look at the game. In this Swipe & Roll slot review, we will take a thorough look at the game and its features. As well as giving some input about what we thought about the game after spending some time with it.

Swiping & Rolling: A look at the features and design

Let’s look at the basic features and design in this Swipe & Roll slot review. Swipe & Roll is a classic 5-reel, 3-row slot with 20 pay-lines. Add to that, it also has 6 different symbols – 3 premium symbols and 3 low-value symbols. In addition to the 6 symbols, there are 2 different wilds – a regular wild and a 3X multiplier wild. Having 3 or more wilds in any position triggers a re-spin in which the wilds hold their position.

All symbols alongside their value, as well as the fixed pay-lines included in the game.

The game experience on Swipe & Roll

The base game is well described in the game’s title – you swipe and then the reels roll. There’s not much diversity in the game experience itself. It has bet options from a minimum of €0.20 up to €100. It has a very NetEnt standard RTP of 96.35% and allows players to win up to 1620000 coins.

Upon entering the bonus, three reels are presented and can be manually swiped. Upon doing so, a variety of amount of coins roll by starting from 20 coins and up to 1000. In addition to the coin wins, the arrow symbols expand the wins collected by bearing either up or down, corresponding to their direction.

There is also a random base game feature – Coin Wheel. Similar to the bonus, the Coin Wheel gives the player the opportunity to swipe & roll a single reel, instead of 3. It has all the same functions, just on a single reel. Though, there is the addition of the scatter symbol. If the reel lands on the scatter symbol, the game enters into the bonus feature.

That said, the game can pay, if given enough time. Though, the features show little opportunity to do so. The sticky wilds are likely to be the best feature of the game. It gives a fair chance to get a decent win twice if the right amount of wilds are in the right position. Other than that, the game’s random base game feature, the Coin Wheel, shows little potential. Even if the wheel falls on the bonus, there is not much to expect when entering the bonus game.

Overall game design

Otherwise, the design appears to be quite dated. Much like the previous release by NetEnt – Hotline Miami, this game features 3D design that appears to be from the early 2000s. The intro featurette appears in such low quality that if you try hard enough, you could count the pixels on the furniture of the bar.

On the contrary, the sound design seems of solid quality. Surely, the rock’n’roll track playing in the background can surely make your hips move, if you don’t mute it straight away. The sounds of the old-school primordial slot machine sound authentic. But if authentic was what they were going for the visual design, it surely pre-dates 3D design in general back to the 1950s, in the scenario if there was any at the time.

Swipe & Roll or Swipe Left & Go Home – Swipe & Roll Slot Review Conclusion

Overall, the game proves to its theme – nothing new. Other than the somewhat unique bonus features, that don’t show much potential. We will have to conclude this Swipe & Roll slot review noting that the game is taking a look. At the same time, it is hard to find that too many online slot enthusiasts would pick this as their go-to slot. Although it does provide a comforting, nostalgic boost to some seasoned casino veterans, the execution could definitely be a lot better. The design is not exceptional, yet the game-play can be entertaining and somewhat rewarding.

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