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Why SlotsFighter Is Not Luck

Despite us all knowing that the house will always have an edge in casino games, SlotsFighter is not a tournament decided purely by RNG. Blasphemy! SlotsFighter strategy involves several intricate details that can make or break a match. While RNG certainly plays a factor, there’s a reason we’ve had hot runs such as those by SpinNinja. Want to understand what decides the winner of a match? Read on to find out more!

SlotsFighter Strategy: Game Awareness

Just like a football player on the pitch his tactics regarding where to stand and go, a SlotsFighter player must be aware of his current status. As we know from the general SlotsFighter rules, players have to win two out of three categories to win the match. While players generally regard the bonus category to be the most important, there are scenarios when going for the wins could be more crucial. It’s also important to be aware of the 10-second freezeout rule implemented in the third season of SlotsFighter. If the game goes to the bonus run, the player with the most significant win during the rounds will receive an advantage of 10 seconds.

slotsfighter strategy time management

Let’s take this as a hypothetical scenario. Your opponent is currently leading with by a single bonus and seven wins. With less than a minute remaining on the clock, the player on the left side is not favored to win. Regardless, smart players will try to maximize the remaining health bar they have to attain an advantage. If you are playing a very fast-spinning slot, the wisest tactic would be to quickspin with the lowest possible bet size. If you are playing a game that is known to bonus easily, it would be favorable to increase the bet size to try and beat out your opponent’s big win. Remember: if the players are tied in the bonus or wins category, the player with the biggest win takes it all!

SlotsFighter Strategy: The Round Limit & Healthbar

The SlotsFighter rules indicate that each player has a 250EUR round limit. This means that a player cannot use up more than 250EUR from his starting bankroll each round. This is a very essential strategic element. Planning your bets is essential. To keep your health bar intact, it’s vital to know the volatility of your games. If you’re playing a high-volatility game, you can expect big wins. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a huge hit. Games from providers such as Merkur can suck away your entire health bar very quickly. As mentioned above, it’s vital to understand the current state of the game and act accordingly.

In the above scenario, season 1 champion SpinNinja makes a dubious decision. While he is currently 2:0 down with his tournament life on the line, he starts the round with a 2EUR betsize, which is a relatively standard stake. Perhaps feeling the pressure of the tournament, he decides to ramp up to a 5EUR bet on Diamond Mine. The game is known for its unusually high volatility. While his idea might have been to try and go for the big win right away, it didn’t pay off. If you still have plenty of time left in the round, it’s better to use smaller stakes and increase the bets in increments. Sometimes even champions make mistakes.

SlotsFighter Strategy: Know Your Games

This one come should come as almost no surprise: players who know their games have a better chance to win. Both of the SlotsFighter winners are seasoned slots players who know which game to play at which time. Not only is this important during the base rounds, but the bonus run as well. Selecting the right game at any given moment can make or break your winning chances.

Let’s take this example from a match between SpinGranny and Casinomon. This video features something unusual: a repick of a game during the bonus run. While players usually choose to stick to a single game, as loading can take up precious time, it was not the case here. At the beginning of the round, Casinomon noticed that SpinGranny chose a notoriously hard game to receive a bonus on Sticky Bandits. Seeing this vulnerability, after the start of the run, he instantly switched games. Casinomon chose Gold Lab, one of the easiest QuickSpin games to land a bonus on. SpinGranny tried to follow suit, but it was too little, too late. Knowing which games are needed for which scenario can just straight up win you matches!

SlotsFighter Strategy: The Conclusion

While there have been examples of extreme big wins just straight up winning rounds, a strategic element prevails throughout SlotsFighter. The fact of the matter is: if you don’t know your games or lack awareness, you will have a lesser chance to win. This is quite similar to games such as poker. While it can be considered a game of chance to some degree, there are optimal lines of play you can take. While we don’t want to recommend or suggest any particular strategies to players, it’s wise to study the past games of match winners. It’s unlikely that an unoptimized strategy will often carry a player to victory.

Take note: the rules and strategies used in SlotsFighter may not necessarily apply to your real casino play. After all, it’s not often that you will engage in a duel against other slot players in real life. Do let me know in the Twitch chat during stream times if you do so. I’d be more than happy to hear some slots dueling stories!