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SlotsFighter Solo Stream Time!

After an eventful finish to the third season, SlotsFighter is not going anywhere just yet. While we might be taking a little break from the tournament, the action must go on. Welcome to the SlotsFighter solo streams. Your hosts, Chris & Mario, will be going through a selection of new casinos to test their skills. Throughout September (and even longer) we will be doing a handful of streams from the SlotsFighter channel. Read on to find out more!

mario and chris from solo streams

SlotsFighter Solo Stream Description

While we’re busy arranging the logistics and structure of the next season, our hosts decided they’ve had enough of watching. It’s time to play! We kicked things off with matches between season 3 finalists and our two hosts, ultimately resulting in the victory of second-place finisher Dubbel6.

While Mario ultimately put up a string of nice wins, it wasn’t enough to get him the exhibition crown. But why stop there? It’s time to let the hosts show what they’ve got under their belts. We’ll be visiting a handful of new casinos, taking part of their welcome bonuses and letting you know the places where it’s worth playing at. After all, Chris has been complaining about scratching his itch for a while. In addition to that, during the start of our solo adventures, we will give away 50% of our cashouts to the viewers! All you have to do is tune in, predict our finishing balance and earn points. More points = more cash!

SlotsFighter Solo Streams: How To Watch?

SlotsFighter is still based on Twitch.TV! We will upload all the most delicate moments and highlights on YouTube, but if you’re craving for the live experience, the Twitch channel is where it’s at. Tune in daily at 19:00 CET to watch us conquer the latest casinos and check out the website for any changes in the schedule or forthcoming updates. Hope to see you around!