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SlotsFighter Season 4 Semifinals Preview

We’re finally here. After plenty of trials and tribulations, the final four have been assembled. The quarter-finals unfolded with a little bit of drama and a lot of excitement. The season 4 semifinals are going to decide which two players will be able to advance to compete for the big prize. Read on to find about the match-ups in the tournament, as well as check out the most significant wins from last week.

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Season 4 Semifinals: AwayDays vs. Salvenoss

Coming up first, we have season 3 champion AwayDays facing off against Salvenoss, the debutant from the Netherlands. AwayDays has started off the tournament with a bang, finishing up in the first place during the group stages. Salvenoss has perhaps been the biggest surprise of the tournament. Not only has his quirky personality gathered him a lot of fans, but he managed to advance directly to the semifinals. AwayDays, being the first place finisher, could choose his opponent for the semifinals. Instead of selecting a player with “Casino” in their names, he opted to take the newcomer Salvenoss.

Salvenoss has already impressed us with several big wins throughout the tournament, and his trolling playstyle might infuriate his opponent. AwayDays does seem to know every trick in the book as well, and he might not be scared so easily. This is going to be a very tight semi-finals match. We’ll have to watch out that Mr. Green doesn’t explode from all the banter that will happen.

Season 4 Semifinals: CasinoHoneys vs. CasinoBonusMaster

The second matchup is going to be quite interesting as well. Both of these participants fought throughout the season just for their chance to get inside of the quarterfinals. CasinoBonusMaster was faced with a difficult challenge: defeating Dubbel6. Of course, with his excellent finishes in the past two seasons, it was not an easy task. Despite the challenge, CBM managed to prevail and earn himself a battle against Anna from CasinoHoneys, who defeated StreamingDale in a controversial matchup. Both of these participants know their games, but Tommy might have the advantage here. At the start of the tournament, he promised that he will take down everyone and that there is going to be “no nicer Tommy.” With such provocative words, we can’t wait to see this match unfold.

Throughout the season, Anna has accumulated plenty of big wins, as well as charmed viewers with her personality and quirkiness. Tommy, the second participant from the Netherlands in the semifinals, is no slouch either. With this rabid fan base ready to support him, this might be a battle to the death. Or at least the ultimate elimination from the tournament. We can’t wait for this one.

Season 4 Semifinals: How To Watch?

So just in case, you’re wondering how to watch the fights, it’s not the hardest thing in the world. As always, make your way to the Twitch page to check out the stream, and if you manage to miss it, there’s still our YouTube page to which you can like and subscribe. Things are going to begin on November the 1st, so mark the date. This is going to be a real slugfest! If you’re bored until then, you can check out a list of our recommended casinos and practice for the next season yourself.

Oh, and before we forget, here’s the top 5 biggest wins from last week as well: