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SlotsFighter Season 3 Is Live!

Hope you’re ready for more because SlotsFighter is heading straight into season 3! This time, we’re starting sooner and with even more participants than ever before. In addition to that, we have come up with some extra special rules for this season to make things a lot more interesting. To make things even more interesting, we have added five more game providers to our game line-up for SlotsFighter Season 3. The battle won’t be easy, but it will be worth it with a prize pool of €7777!

slotsfighter season 3

SlotsFighter Season 3 Structure

This season, the tournament will have a total of 12 participants split into two groups – with having six in each. During the Stage 1 of the tournament, players are going to compete in five matches each. The first stage of the competition will go on for a total of 15 days with 30 games. Same as last season, two players from each group with the lowest amount of game points will face elimination.

Meanwhile, the remaining participants will merge into a single group of eight and enter Stage 2 of the tournament. The participants will face fighters from the opposite group from Stage 1. Stage 2 participants keep their points from Stage 1. The top player of Stage 2 is automatically promoted to the semi-finals and gains the privilege to pick their opponents. The other four remaining players will play elimination matches to get into the semi-finals.

The quarter-finals structure will be held with single elimination match for each player with the third position facing the sixth position player and the fourth competing with the fifth.

The semi-finals will have four opponents. The top position from the previous stage will have the ability to choose their opponent from the other three of the final four. Then, the remaining participant’s face-off in a best-of-3 duel to get to the finals. Where in the finals, the finalists face each other in best-of-five matches.

For a more detailed overview of the rules, see the 1000+ word PDF of the tournament rules.

Changes and additions for SlotsFighter Season 3

With the intention to stir things up a bit this season, we have added a couple of extra rules for the competition. We will implement the following changes for season 3:

  • Loser for each of first three rounds can choose next round’s first game for his opponent. It can be switched at 10th-minute break or after receiving bonus feature.
  • The player with the highest win during four rounds earns 10 seconds handicap in the 5th round (bonus run). The opponent can start spinning when the timer reaches 10 seconds mark.

As mentioned before, we are excited to announce that we are adding five more game providers to our line-up. The providers include Merkur, Red Tiger, Push, Blueprint Gaming and Pragmatic.

Season 3 Participants

First things first, we have a lot of newcomers this season, and we have some seasoned veterans participating for the third season in a row. The newcomers this season are – the Twitch online casino streamer duo from CasinoBonusMaster, YouTube football vlogger AwayDays, an up-and-coming Dutch casino streamer HDTaboo. Other newcomers include perhaps the most senior casino enthusiast on SlotsFighter, Spin Granny and community member LaserBass.

The veterans joining for another season of SlotsFighter are Twitch streamer Chipmonkz and her daughter, the champion of SlotsFighter Season 2, Chloe, Twitch casino streamer and third-season veteran Casinomon, the runner-up of the Season 2 final CasinoRockstar, a second-season veteran Dubbel6 and the Twitch casino streamers from FruitySlots, who will also be participating as a duo this season.

SlotsFighter Season 3 Begin This Week

With no hesitation, the season 3 is starting this week at July 22th 18:30 CET! So, get ready and stay tuned for more updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter. Find all the highlights on our Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.