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SlotsFighter Season 3: Week 1 Highlights & Recap

What a wild start of SlotsFighter Season 3! As the seasons progress, the playing gets a lot more captivating. No doubt that the addition of the new game providers and of course, the newcomers, has stirred things up a bit. Best of all, these two things have gone hand-in-hand with a season first-timer hitting the biggest season win so far on a Merkur slot.

Furthermore, as we move on to another week of the preliminary stage of the season 3 slot tournament, time to look back at some of the best moments of the first week.

New online slots bring in some serious wins

With season 3, we introduced Push Gaming slots to the tournament. And in fact, right on day one of SlotsFighter season 3 we very well saw the reason why the addition was made. The three season veteran Casinomon hit an unbelievable big win. In the inaugural season 3 round against Chloe, Casinomon was taking a head-on lead. Though, the biggest surprise of all was the final bonus opening of the match.

While opening up the bonus on Fat Rabbit, the dropped a large tile. As a result, giving him massive wins for the next few free spins he had. In the end, the win accumulated into a total sum of €1093. It had the potential to remain as the biggest win of the season but looks like the slot gods had other plans for our SlotsFighters.

That’s not the only case where the new additions showed potential. As a matter of fact, the biggest win of the season so far comes from a big win on a Merkur slot. Later that week, a few days after Casinomon’s lucky hit on Fat Rabbit, diminishing his record win. The season newcomer Tommy from CasinoBonusMaster was dazzled with the appearance of the feature reels. After two feature spins, the slot revealed a near-full screen of the highest paying symbol. In short, he received an enormous  €1462 win. Another example of how well the Merkur slots can pay out, as we had concluded in a previous article.

The SlotsFighter Season 3 newcomers: how are they holding up against the vets?

Season 3 came along with the highest number of participants we’ve had so far. From the total of 12 SlotsFighters, 7 of them are newcomers. Meanwhile, the other five remaining opponents are veterans from previous seasons. Chloe, the season 2 champion, and Dubbel6 are participating for their second season in a row. Yet, the other three have been in the ranks since season one. Though, how are the first-time participants holding up to well-experienced SlotsFighter slots tournament participants?

Despite the background of the seasoned players, the newcomers have certainly had little struggle to keep up. To put into perspective, the standings in both groups are dominated by tournament debutants. The season big win record is held by a first-timer. And even Spin Granny is on a three-win streak.

Perhaps it’s the new look at the competition done by the fresh approach of a first-time participant. But sure enough, the newcomers have not shown any sign of even wincing or being intimidated by the more experienced participants.

The preliminary round of SlotsFighter Season 3 continues

Over the course of the week, we’ve seen more and more instances of skillful plays performed by the new participants and seems like the audience has also welcomed them with arms wide open. They have a long way ahead of them and only but a few will be able to advance to the next stage of the tournament. Nonetheless, we have two more weeks of preliminary matches, and we will see whether the newcomers will dash right past the veterans or will it be the other way around.

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