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SlotsFighter Season 1 Recap

As the first season of SlotsFighter has drawn to a close, it’s worth taking a deep breath and glancing at the resume of the online slots duel tournament. Bringing eight competitors from across the globe, ranging from South Africa to Sweden, the competition lasted five weeks during the group stages. A single week was devoted to the playoffs section, where SpinNinja managed to take away the grand prize in a thrilling finale. As we all know, he defeated BlackCatSeven 3-1, bringing home the big dough: 10 000 EUR!

Straight from the beginning

The group stages had their fair share of ups and downs. SpinNinja, BlackCatSeven, and Casinomon emerged as early leaders, dominating the top of the leaderboards for the duration of the online slots tournament. Chipmonkz, another fan favorite, started off SlotsFighter with a lukewarm showing. There were signs of heating up during the middle of the competition, but he didn’t manage to string together enough victories to qualify for the playoffs. This came as a disappointment to his fans, but we’ve heard rumors about a future appearance. Keep your eyes peeled.

As the players refined their strategies, the game choices and bet sizes were honed to the point of perfection. While there wasn’t a single “best” strategy, the top players did find a selection of casino slots games that they gave preferential treatment to. Either due to them providing quick bonuses or due to their higher payouts in the short-term. As we received feedback from both the players and the viewers, the games and structure will be adjusted for the forthcoming seasons. We hope that players create new strategies to make for an exciting tournament experience.

While we’re on the topic of forthcoming seasons, the next season is not that far around the corner! This week, we will hold a special mini-tournament! The winner of this contest will earn a paid qualification to season 2 of SlotsFighter. As we gather the rest of the participants and set up innovations on the technical front, we will be holding exhibition matches & doing other fun stuff, so don’t go anywhere. A new batch of fighters are already preparing for a fight. Who knows, maybe it could be you! Start preparing for your next online slots duel now.

This isn’t the last online slots duel tournament

Moreover, a big thank you goes out to all of the participants, supporters, and viewers for being a part of the world’s first long-form online slots tournament. A big thank you goes out to VoodooDreams for being the official partner for the inaugural season. The community has been a vital part of the experience. We appreciate the chatters, the lurkers, and the fans. Of course, we look forward to plenty more entertaining and excellent online slots adventures for both players and viewers. Remember to keep in touch for more updates. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See you soon!