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SlotsFighter On Break

As you might have noticed, the SlotsFighter schedule has changed up a little bit. But don’t worry about anything. While there might be a slew of changes going on in the SlotsFighter land, we’re not going anywhere. It’s time for a little break for the team, taking a little vacation, and we’ll be back next week. Read more about it here.

Time For Refreshments

We’ve been running hard and strong for almost every single day for almost a year now. With pretty much only a single week of vacation under our belts, the team has decided to take a little break, refresh their minds and create new and exciting ideas. So for the entire week of March 11th, we’re going to be relaxing a little bit and gathering our energy again. During this period, we’re looking to relaunching the tournament, setting up a new version of the homepage and improving the overall presentation of the stream.

There’s going to be some changes in the overall setup of the stream as well. We’ll try to mix up the times when we stream. But don’t worry, all the content you know and love, slot reviews, video slot reviews, top 5s, even new games. That’s all staying and not going away. So of course, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel

Mario: Taking An Extended Break

There’s been some discussion about Mario and his role in the SlotsFighter streams. During Annie’s recent stream, viewers were worried about his future on the SlotsFighter project. Fear not guys., Mario is taking an extended break due to reasons we don’t want to reveal due to his own privacy. He’ll be back on the screen soon & you’ll get to know all about his adventures.

We’ve decided to shake up the overall idea of the SlotsFighter ideology, but it’s all going in a positive direction. More streams, cool video content and an awesome website where you will be able to find out all the hottest deals. We just have to relax a little bit. See you around soon.