SlotsFighter Finals Preview

We’ve come this far & we’re finally down to two participants. After going through the group stages, quarter-finals and semi-finals, we have reached the finals. And what a showcase it is! We’ve got CasinoBonusMaster Tommy, who finished last season in the last place. On the other side of the ring, we have defending champion Ellis. It’s going to be a battle for 5K EUR! Let’s analyze the matches!

finals for slotsfighter season 4

The Case For AwayDays

AwayDays is the season 3 champion. While initially thought to be an underdog due to his penchant for footballing, he managed to make it all the way to the top. In a heated battle against Dubbel6, he became the champion. While SlotsFighter is known for having “the champion’s curse,” his performance all season has been nothing but excellent. Ellis might not have the vast knowledge of slots that Tommy has, but he does have a unique strategy. His conservative playstyle can frustrate many an opponent, so we’ll see how Tommy handles it. His low-volatility slot picks can also sometimes surprise his challengers, but he pulls it off with grace. Check out one of Ellis’s big wins below from the solo stream on Metal Casino!

The Case For CasinoBonusMaster

CBM, also known as Tommy, is well known across the Netherlands and his fans across Europe. His previous experience in the SlotsFighter tournament was less than successful. In his very last match, he even managed to record the only “triple zero” in SlotsFighter history. Despite that, his performance this season steadily improved and he was able to grind through the group stages in relatively easy fashion. He defeated Anna in the semi-finals, and he’s now in the process of an underdog story. Will he be able to shine? We’ll have to find out soon. His higher bets and risky strategy directly competes with the style of Ellis, so it will be a fun one to watch. Check out Tommy’s amazing win on Jammin’ Jars below.

Where To Watch?

As always, in case you’re hungry for some action, you can catch our stream over at Twitch.TV. Missed a replay? No worries. Just head over to YouTube to watch the replays and the highlights. If you want to see it live, catch the action starting 18:30 CET on Sunday and Monday on Twitch. See you there!