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Slots Streamers: How Much Money Do They Make?

It’s no secret that streaming casino games on Twitch have become a favorite activity. Not only is it the largest streaming platform on the Internet, but there’s plenty of enthusiasts willing to share their wins to the world. There’s a question that often pops up in the chats of several regular streamers. How much money do you make? And how? We’re here to provide some insight into how slots streamers operate. Let’s go!

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How Do Slots Streamers Make Money?

This seems to be a very pertinent question amongst the viewer base. It’s an easy question to answer and has a two-fold explanation. First off, it’s through the games themselves. It’s no secret that casino streamers get better bonuses when streaming from online casinos. For example, SlotsMillion, a casino the SlotsFighter team often streams from, rewards us with a 100% bonus. This allows for both longer streams and a higher chance to win money. CasinoHeroes, for instance, provides us with a 200% bonus. Of course, as with all things in gambling, RTP plays a huge factor. Not every single month ends up in success. Some months, luck is on our side, and we can end up with huge cashouts. Other months, the exact opposite can happen, with deposit after deposit ending up in a rip.

The second source of income comes from affiliate earnings. Any streamer worth their salt will have several of these. Below the streaming window of most channels, you will see a variety of deals. Some exclusive, some not. Whenever a viewer or player up for a casino, the slots streamers receive a chunk of change. This can be either a once-off deal or a revenue sharing deal. Of course, the income from this also varies from month to month. It is also largely dependent on the market, the number of viewers and the deals on offer. It’s in the best interests for the streamers to promote legitimate casinos and offer exclusive deals. This allows viewers to discover a new casino and it helps new players get familiar with casino websites they might not have visited before.

How Much Money Do Slots Streamers Make?

The answer to this question isn’t easy or straightforward. The short answer is rather ambiguous as well.

It depends.

I’ve asked this question to many slots streamers, including friends of mine. While I don’t want to reveal any numbers, the big shots in the streaming industry can earn quite handsome bucks. This is not too dissimilar from how top YouTube stars or influencers on Instagram make money. Quite frequently, larger casinos will offer a flat sum to play from their brand. There have even been instances where an online casino buys out an entire streaming company for more than a million EUR. The sums can be quite staggering, but the average streamer can expect to earn around 5000EUR a month if their affiliate earnings even out their wins/losses during a month. For the bigger channels (the top 2-3 streamers during peak times) can earn up to 100 000EUR per month. That is no small sum at all! This is just a rough estimate, and the number can vary based on the streamer and the month. While we don’t want to reveal the figures of our friends, feel free to ask this question in the chat of your favorite slots streamer!

How Do I Become A Slots Streamer?

We’ve already written about this in the past in our article on the behind-the-scenes of SlotsFighter. If you’re looking to do it to earn money, then think long and hard. First off, remember the fact that it’s gambling. You’re going to have bad beats; you’re going to have great months. The most important aspect is to remember to have¬†fun in the process. If at any point you feel it becomes like a job, you’re not going to get the viewers that you’d like. If you don’t have viewers, you’re not going to receive payments from your affiliate earnings. It’s as simple as that.

Granted, if you’re serious about becoming a slots streamer, the bare necessities are a good computer, webcam, microphone, and a casino to play from. Once you’re comfortable with choosing a brand you’d like to promote, go ahead and give it a try. As with all things in life, it takes a little practice, and the start can be quite slow. Stick with it, plan out a schedule and remain loyal to your viewers. Just like if you were to become a streamer for a video game, a good personality helps out as well. Be authentic, play for real money and try to get some big wins now and then. While it may not be a career for everyone, it might be a fun way for you to pass the time.