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Strategic insight: A look at the slots strategies of SlotsFighter leaders

We all know online slots have an element of luck to them: sometimes you can win big, but sometimes you are left wondering as to why you did not manage to hit that big bonus! At SlotsFighter, we have seen some players using specific slots strategies to their advantage. The players adjusted their play to tournament rules, maybe you can learn something from the participants as well!

Bonuses are key

Firstly, the decision to play big bonus games. When starting out the rounds, the players have adapted to an idea of choosing the games which can quickly get them a bonus while sticking to a lower stake. Since the bonus opening stage can easily be the tipping out which separates the winners from the losers, the higher amount of bonus games one can get, the higher the chance they will walk away from the victory.

This has led to players picking games such as Drive: Multiplier Mayhem during the NetEnt round or Pimped during the Play’n’Go round. These games usually deliver the feature fast. Of course, these decisions are situational. In case you already have a solid amount of bonuses, you might opt for a game that is harder to bonus. This can then give the player a better shot at scoring a large win.

Big wins for big success

Secondly, hitting the big wins is essential. This comes as no surprise. When we are playing slots, we all want to get big casino wins, and that is especially crucial in a tournament like SlotsFighter. From what we have seen so far, players like to start out by playing more cautiously, but if they see that the opponent has a more substantial win and the time is ticking down, they will increase their bets to increase their chances of getting that massive win!

Last but not least, the wins. This factor has been overshadowed a bit due to the tiebreaker rule, that is, in case of the bonus amount being equal for both players, the person with the biggest win walks away with the victory instead of the player with the biggest amount of wins. This is a tricky one! Sometimes, the bonus games at the end of the round do not guarantee a player the victory, which means that players like to choose fast spinning games like Drive and Fire Joker to rack up those spins.

Slots strategies: the final word

We will see what sort of strategies the players come up with as the tournament progresses, but so far, it seems like playing slower at the start and accelerating at the end seems to be working out for the players at the top. So start cracking your knuckles, practice on your own at one of our favorite online casino slots sites, you never know, you might be the next SlotsFighter champion with these refined slots strategies helping you out!



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