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Bankroll Boss: Top 6 Online Slots Tips

Want to improve your experience and bankroll at online casinos? Not sure where to start? No problem! The bankroll boss returns for another entry, this time with six red-hot online slots tips. While in the long run, it’s impossible to beat the house, you can increase your chances of winning!

We’ve compiled six handy and easy to remember online slots tips to make sure you get maximum enjoyment for your hard-earned money. If you haven’t already, it’s worthwhile to check out our article on RTP. Knowing the basics behind the casino business can go a long way in making the right decisions. So without further ado, here are the top 6 online slots tips!

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6. Play for free

One of the more simple tips I can recommend is trying out slots for free! It’s valuable to understand the mechanisms of the games and to understand the appeal of the slots you want to play. Going in blind might be fun, but it’s good to know information about slots before you start playing. There are several ways on how to get acquainted with games. First off, watching casino streams allows you to watch action entirely for free and get to know the games better.

Tired of watching? No problem. Several casinos allow you to play free spins without depositing.

online slots tips recommending an exclusive bonus on mr green

SlotsFighter has an exclusive deal with Mr. Green, by signing up through the above link, you receive 20 free spins with a chance to win real cash! Take advantage of these offers, hunt around and get a taste of some free slots action!

5. Avoid land-based casinos, play online

If you haven’t already done so, our article on RTP showcases the importance of knowing the theoretical return a player can expect over an extended period. If you’ve been a part of the online casino community for a while, this will come as no shock: the chances of winning are lower on land-based casinos! In fact, operators can adjust the RTP!

online casino tips showing rtp for land-based casinos

Excerpt from Novomatic product sheet of 2018. Credit: Novomatic

As you can see in this 2018 product sheet for Novomatic games, their games have several available variations. These can go down all the way to 90%, which is the most commonly used setting on land-based casinos. Why? It’s straightforward. Land-based casinos have overhead costs. These include rent, salary for employees and other administrative expenses. In comparison, the prices of an online casino are far lower. Besides, the RTP for most games on online casinos are publicly available due to MGA regulations. It’s simple: you can win more online!

4. Have a game plan

Your mindset is a crucial aspect when playing slots. When you make a deposit, don’t think of it as an investment. There are plenty of better ways to make money than playing slots. Instead, think of it is a way to have fun and having a chance to win some money in the process. When you play like this, it keeps you playing for longer. If you continuously make deposits and encounter a losing streak, you might experience tilt, which might leave you placing sub-optimal bets.

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A terrible idea which you should never do. Prepare your game plan!

If you’re going for a raw deposit, try not to play low-volatility games. When you don’t have to wager your deposit, it might be worthwhile to play a higher-risk game to top up your winnings. If you’re close to wagering, play a low-volatility to have a higher chance of wagering, as your playtime will be extended. And remember, if it stops being fun for you, stop playing. At SlotsFighter, we’re serious proponents of responsible gaming and only promote socially accountable casinos.

3. Take advantage of casino deposit bonuses

As we’ve mentioned before, casino bonuses can be a lucrative way to get more bang for your buck. Not only do they keep you playing for longer, but they can also offer you an edge against the house. We’ve discussed the differences between non-sticky and sticky bonuses before so that I won’t explain that in great detail here.


online slots tips example with a mr green exclusive bonus

An example of a deposit offer for an online casino

In the case above, you can see the type of bonuses casinos might provide. In the above example, Mr. Green offers a non-sticky bonus up to 100 EUR/GBP. What this means is that if you deposit 20 EUR, you’ll receive an additional 20 EUR that you can use in case you use up your real money. These bonus funds then need to be wagered. If you manage to win something with your real money, you can withdraw it without it being mixed with your bonus cash. Hunt around for deals like this. We’ve covered good offers for the UK market before, but remember to look around for good deals. Most of the time, the first deposit bonus is also the best deal, so it’s worthwhile to switch up your casinos every once in a while.

2. Don’t fall for casino traps

This is a point I wish I didn’t have to include, but not all casinos have the players in their best interests. Every casino is a business, so it’s no surprise they want to make money. However, some casinos are known for their predatory attitude towards players. We do not condone such behavior. To illustrate, I’ve borrowed a complaint previous SlotsFighter contestant BlackCatSeven brought to light on his site BigWinBoard:

something to take into consideration when learning about online casino tips

Visual representation of a player who was screwed over by predatory bonus terms

In case you are a bit too lazy to read, this is an excerpt from the T&C of a casino whose name I do not want to mention. Their terms state that irregular play may result in an invalidation of game funds. For this particular casino, that also includes a change of bet size and game types. Effectively, this broad interpretation could mean that any wins may be invalidated. Scummy casinos like these should be avoided. Firstly, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms & conditions of the casinos you play on. Secondly, be sure to play only on reputable casinos. If you don’t see any streamers playing on a particular casino or reviews are scarce, chances are they might not be distinguished. While the amount of “predators” has decreased, it’s a risk you have to be aware of.

1. The king of online slots tips: KNOW YOUR ODDS!

The most important of all online slots tips is also the most simple one: know what your chances are! For some reason, both new players and veterans tend to get themselves in the same pitfall.

They do not know the odds of the games they are playing.

To illustrate this, I’ve created an illustrated graph to show the house edge of different casino games.

online casino tips showing casino house edge

As you can see, casino games have different ranges of house edge. While you will be hard-pressed to find a game that favors the player, you can reduce the chance of you busting your bankroll. Theoretically, baccarat offers one of the best odds of winning, but the fun in that is variable. Slots can have RTP as high as 99%, but I’ve chosen to go for the average of 3.5% here. If you decide to play slots, understand that just like with any other casino game, you will have upswings and downswings. But like in blackjack you should never buy insurance, you should never play slots with horrible RTP or low potential. Of course, if you choose to play land-based, the RTP will be lower as well, but you have to factor in that land-based casinos might have extra perks such as free drinks or a nice atmosphere which you might not get online.

Online slots tips: My conclusion

To conclude, these are only a handful of online slots tips that will help you make the right decisions. In the end, slots are a form of gambling, but you can still maximize your chances of success. Got any more ideas I missed or may not know of? Easy! Please shoot me a message in the SlotsFighter chat on Twitch; I’ll be waiting for your strategies and thoughts.