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Online Casino Streamer Wins: Top 5 favorite slots of the tournament

You’ve heard all about the best-performing slots of the tournament, but what about the picks from the online casino streamer community? We listened to your feedback, and people have been wondering about something a little different: what are the top 5 picks from the streamers and participants themselves? In this case, it doesn’t matter if a slot performed well or not, it’s all about their personal choice. Since this is a cumulative ranking, we will not be going into individual picks. We collected the data from the participants, and these are the results that we got. Take it or leave it, these are the favorites. Take note, these slots were only chosen from the games that were available for play during the tournament. We will cover all-time favorites in a different article. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

online casino streamer top slots machines

5. The Invisible Man

This one might come as a bit of surprise to some, but The Invisible Man left a great impression on our streamers. This classic NetEnt slot isn’t usually known for its high payouts, but it delivered some excellent highlights. This game brought us plenty of spectacular moments. Starting from the wild triggers from the Scatterman, straight to the infinite respins for BlackCatSeven. Some streamers denounced this slot due to its lower volatility, but it indeed proved its worth during the tournament.

Incorporating a walking wild feature, The Invisible Man can bring out huge wins if the wilds get closely bunched together. If two separate wilds meet each other, that is, the policeman and the invisible man, you trigger the bonus feature. It is precisely this bonus that made this game so famous for the online streamer community. It wasn’t too uncommon to see amazing wins and game-changing victories during the opening round. Watch one of Scatterman’s brightest finishes on this NetEnt game!

4. Steam Tower

Another NetEnt game? What has the world come to? Well, the community has spoken, Steam Tower indeed proved its worth during this tournament. In regular play, this is a favorite online slot for bonus hunters and people finishing up their wagering. In the SlotsFighter tournament, this game received a reputation for churning out the most bonuses EVER! First off, this was the second game (after Wild North) to receive a ban in the bonus run. Due to it usually triggering a bonus in less than a 100 spins, it was deemed unfair for sudden death purposes. Regardless, even in the regular rounds, this slot delivered.

For those of you who are wondering as to why this slot got banned, here’s an example. This video is from a battle between BlackCatSeven and Blondie. After a grueling match, they eventually went to the bonus run. As to what happened here, well, just watch the video. The slot immediately ended up in the bonus run ban list after this match. Still, the online casino streamer family voted this one in. Steam Tower — a slot that did not run out of steam during SlotsFighter.

3. Dragon Born

Another surprising entry comes in the form of the Big Time Gaming slot Dragon Born. While usually not a game that is known for its fantastic potential, this was a casino streamer favorite during the tournament. Why? First off, it’s another Spin Ninja favorite, not only does it share a similar sound to his birth name, but it also gave him plenty of bonuses. Second, it was an easy game to bonus, perhaps even more than Temple Quest.

Need proof that it can actually lead to good payouts? Look no further. During the SlotsFighter finals, it was Spin Ninja with a flawless victory on this online slot that put him one step closer to the 10 000 EUR. Three diamonds are needed to trigger the feature, and they did not disappoint. Check out the retriggers and the highlight finish below!

2. Bonanza

This game should come as no surprise. It placed second in the statistically best paying games of the tournament, it’s a fan favorite, and it’s also the favorite of the online casino streamer community. Bonanza has it all: big wins, big thrills, and big chances to win you the tournament. Initially, Spin Ninja was the only player that had the Big Time Gaming momentum. This changed fast. As soon as we saw that humungous win of his, the streamers took notice as well. More and more players started picking the game during the BTG round. Eventually, it paid well enough for the streamers to be included in this selection as well.

As for the highlight, it’s still hard to top the victory that Spin Ninja managed to get. In case you have not seen it already, we’ll post it below just one more time. Truly an impressive victory by the winner of the tournament himself.

1. Book of Dead

The first place game is not a shocker. By far the most popular Play’n’Go game, as well as being the favorite of the streamers. We’ve all seen the big wins on YouTube. We’ve all seen the huge victories in the online casino streamer community. Of course, we saw it during the tournament as well. While it wasn’t always the first pick in the PnG rounds during SlotsFighter, it was still a highly picked game. Both streamers and regular casino enthusiasts alike have known this game for a long time. While it is known for its colossal mood swings, fluctuating faster than a Formula One race car, it seemed to be somewhat kind during the competition. We did not hear too many negative things about the game… at least during the tournament. Of course, your experience may vary, as some contestants couldn’t believe the wins they obtained on Book of Dead during SlotsFighter, wishing they could get the same satisfaction during regular play.

For the highlight video, you might have seen this one before as well. Yet again, it wasn’t a streamer delivering the money shot in this video. Instead, it was semi-finals finisher Scatterman with a cool fullscreen big win on Book of Dead. Check out this video if you haven’t already and see what the book can bring to the table!

The consensus from the online casino streamer community

As we mentioned throughout the tournament, the feedback from the players is crucial to us. And we’ve certainly listened. These are the games the online casino streamer community and participants enjoyed the most during the tournament. There doesn’t seem to be a clear, connected trend that links all the games together. There are both lower and higher volatility games in the mix, although mostly ones that are beneficial in the tournament. We’ve also collected the games that are on the wishlist of the players. While we do not want to make any strict announcements just yet, be prepared for a whole new assortment of games in the next season. Both from the existing providers, as well as new faces in the tournament. So if you’ve got any suggestions of your own, feel free to shoot us a message. And remember, keep in touch on YouTube and Twitch for updates regarding the next season of SlotsFighter!