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KYC? T&C? Know your casino terms & conditions!

Online casino rules can be a hassle to read through and understand. Every single time you sign up for a casino, you have to agree to their terms & conditions or risk forfeiting your winnings. But let’s be honest, how many of us have read through all of the paperwork? Luckily for you, we’ve done our research at SlotsFighter. To help you out on your journey to better player experience, we’ve compiled a guide. No bullshit. No crap. Let’s understand the rules and YOUR rights together!

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Online casino rules: the player’s perspective

When you sign up for an online casino, you enter a legally binding agreement with the casino. They provide you with the games; you get to enjoy them and have fun. Things are not always as simple as that. Ever wonder why the casino terms & conditions on specific sites are tucked away and hidden? It’s because they might be trying to hide something!

While we at SlotsFighter only promote online casinos with a solid reputation, not everybody in the casino industry is honest. As a rule of thumb, avoid sites that just hold a license in Curacao. If a site is certified by the UKGC or MGA, there are a list of compliance terms they must comply to. Generally, you are only allowed a single account per website. Sometimes, it can even be a separate account per IP address. Do not ever try to circumvent this rule! This rule exists for a reason. The welcome bonuses for casinos are often an essential aspect of attracting customers. Don’t create duplicate accounts; it will come to bite you in the bottom during the KYC part.

Bonus terms & conditions

Once you register an account and proceed to make a deposit, you will frequently encounter first deposit bonus. These bonuses allow you to double your balance and play with extra funds. There are two main types of bonuses: sticky (which do not allow for withdrawal until all the money is wagered) and non-sticky (which allow you to withdraw your winnings in case you win before using your bonus money). Generally, non-sticky bonuses favor the player and are preferred. Sites such as Mr. Green offer a 100% welcome non-sticky bonus.

Note that these bonuses may also have a maximum withdrawal cap. The aforementioned Mr. Green allows a maximum of a 3000EUR withdrawal on your very first deposit using the welcome bonus. This is used to safeguard the casino against heavy losses. Generally, casinos licensed by either the UKGC or MGA will not have strict limits, but you should double-check regardless.

Most casinos will also have a minimum amount of money you need to deposit to activate a bonus. Again, this varies from casino to casino, but most online casino rules state an amount between 10 and 20 EUR. Beware! While some sites might allow you to deposit a mere 10EUR to play, they might ask you to win at least 30EUR to withdraw. Make sure to read the terms & conditions carefully and contact live support if needed. You never want to win and not receive your money. The casinos are smart, but you can be smarter.

Wagering requirements: an important aspect

If you decide to play for bonus money and take advantage of a first deposit offer, be aware of wagering rules! While playing with casino-provided bonus money gives the player a slight edge over the casino, you are also bound to a set of rules. In case the terms & conditions are broken, the casinos do have the legal right to keep their winnings. Very often, you will have to wager roughly 30x to 35x of your bonus money. What does that mean? Let’s imagine a hypothetical scenario.

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You deposit 10EUR in your account and use a 100% bonus to receive 20EUR in total. If your wagering requirements are 30X on a non-sticky bonus, you will have to stake 30 times your deposit. Tellingly, the casino provides you with extra funds to play, but you can withdraw only if you manage to clear it. There is no optimal betting strategy. A commonly used slots strategy is to play high-volatility games first and try and hit a big win! After that, you might want to go through low-volatility games such as most of NetEnt’s catalog to “grind” the rest out. For more information, check out our article on RTP! Take note that not all games can be played to entirely wager your bonus.

N.B. Games such as Blood Suckers might be restricted due to their high RTP. Check the terms & conditions of each online casino to see which games are eligible.

N.B. Most casinos curtail the maximum bet size for a bonus. Make sure to read the conditions carefully. While most legitimate online casinos will now allow you to place that is above the maximum limit, some do not. Usually, the max cap for a bet while playing with a bonus is 5EUR. Again, this may change depending on your choice of online casino.

KYC: A blessing & a burden in online casino rules

To withdraw your winnings, the casinos have to know who you are. This means that you are legally required to provide information about your place of residence, ID and a utility bill. ALL UKGC & MGA certified casinos must follow this rule. All in all, it is an entirely natural process: casinos want to make sure they are sending the winnings to the correct people. Unfortunately, online casino rules can vary from site to site. Sites such as Mr. Green allow for the upload of documents at any point in time. But that is not always the case!

Some casinos are known to be a tad bit “shadier” regarding this principle. Online casinos may “hold” your winnings while you submit documents for approval. It plays a psychological role. If your winnings are “on hold” while your documents are being checked, you may have an urge to withdraw and play again. Don’t fall for it! It is a risk that plays on human emotions! Try to avoid disreputable sites and stay on licensed and well-known online casinos. Usually, online casino streamers will only play on legal casinos, as well as having special offers on hand. It’s worth watching streams to both interact with the streamers and get to know which sites are good.

Last but not least: play on reputable sites

As previously mentioned, the last rule of thumb is a point you will not find in any online casino rules. It’s a relatively simple one.

Play on reputable sites!

While every casino wants customers, not all of them are honest. UKGC & MGA certified sites are dependable, but there are some rotten apples. Keep your eyes peeled and stay alert. We’re currently big fans of Mr. Green, an honest and experienced casino. They offer non-sticky bonuses and offer constant live support and chat. In case you have any other questions, Chris and Mario are always ready to answer your inquiries on the SlotsFighter stream.

May the odds always be in your favor!