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Top 5 Online Casino Myths

When we play slots and online casino games, we all tend to have our superstitions. While most of us realize that games tend to be random, sometimes people start doing things out of habit. Most of these tendencies can be harmless. Having a few lucky rocks on the table shouldn’t impact your winning chances, but some myths can be detrimental to your wins. We hope that this list of commonly seen online casino myths will help you avoid potentially harmful habits.

The top 5 online casino myths

1. Changing the bet size will increase my win frequency

This is probably the most common myth that online casino streamers tend to encounter. I can recount plenty of times that somebody in the chat has urged players to either increase or decrease the stake to have a better chance of winning. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where this myth first appeared, but it’s made its impact. Some providers, including ELK Studios, actually implement betting strategies in their games. If a player uses such an approach, the game may automatically adjust their bet size based on the number of wins and losses.

The fact of the matter is: it doesn’t work. All slots are independently tested and changing the bet size would be against the regulations set out by legislative bodies. By enforcing such a rule, players who play at lower stakes would be at a disadvantage. The algorithms for the payouts are fair. It’s as simple as that.

2. I will get a bonus in X spins

Who hasn’t heard this one before? This is certainly one of the most popular online casino myths. After getting tease after tease, many of us are convinced. The next spin is going to be the lucky one! Surely, after seeing 200 teases on Extra Chili, it’s going to come in very soon!

online casino myths chili

While slots can have various levels of volatility and RTP, the chance to get a bonus is absolutely the same on any given spin. Your chance to get 5 bonuses in a row and getting a single one in about 1000 spins can be exactly the same. While the probability does get higher the more you play, there is no way to predict when that is going to be. It’s as easy as that.

3. There is no strategy in online slots

I’ve had some fellow gamblers ask me: if you’re skeptical about online casino myths, how can you say there’s any strategy in them? Simple. Just like blackjack has a set of discernible “optimal plays” known as the basic strategy, slots have some easy to follow principles as well. One of the most crucial tips is to know how to use your bankroll correctly. When you start playing a slot machine, always set a certain amount of cash that you will use. Afterward, use the metrics from your bankroll to adjust the playing style accordingly.

Let’s presume you are playing without a wager (as wagering requires deeper strategy) and presume it’s raw cash. If you start out with 100EUR and slump down to the bottom of your bankroll, it’s important to choose your slots correctly. It might not be the best idea to keep on playing high variance slots with the same bet size that you used before. Always keep an eye on your bankroll and adjust accordingly.

4. Winners won’t get paid

I’m not sure how many of these complaints are genuinely real or how many are Internet trolls. There’s one thing I can tell you though: casino naysayers like to say that the winners don’t get paid. As simple as that. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s in the casino’s best interest to have happy customers who are going to keep playing. By doing that, they ensure they have a solid player base. Afterward, they can calculate the house edge and in the long stretch understand the business implications.

What happens if a winner is not paid out? The casino gets scrutinized. With many online casino communities around the world, people who play slots despise unfair casinos. Their reputation will suffer and the business would close down. Therefore, not paying the winner could be one of the biggest nightmares for gaming operators. As long as you stick to good and respected casinos, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

5. The time before the last jackpot matters

The last entry in our series on online casino myths applies to a certain sector of players: fans of jackpot slots. While a large part of casino streamers and long-time players of slot machines tend to avoid they, undoubtedly are a very important part of the whole casino business industry. One thing that still catches a lot of people off-guard, especially when playing online, is the time before the last jackpot.

Winning a jackpot is a 1 in a billion chance at best. When you reach numbers that large, it no longer matters how much time has passed. The chance could be exactly the same as it was on the first spin. Granted, don’t let that dissuade you from playing jackpot slots. Just don’t hope for a goldmine. If you have any more questions, feel free to hit me up any time I’m hosting on SlotsFighter live on Twitch!