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The New Faces of SlotsFighter!

With every new season of SlotsFighter come a new variety of surprises. New rules, new games, new innovations. Yet there is one aspect that truly defines the entertainment value of SlotsFighter: the people. While this tournament sees a return from several streamers and tournament mainstays, we are pleased to see plenty of new SlotsFighter participants. Want to find out who they are? Look no further!

slotsfighter participants new faces

New SlotsFighter Participants Showcase: CasinoBonusMaster

slotsfighter participants casinobonusmaster

Coming up first, we have a pair of participants hailing from The Netherlands: CasinoBonusMaster! On the right, we have Tommy, who used to be a registered nurse, before he quit earlier this year to pursue full-time streaming and marketing. He will be joined by Rick, the co-owner of a family business. While he only streams on the CBM channel once a week, he’s excited to be a part of this growing tournament. Let’s see if the double threat will be of advantage for the Masters from Holland.


slotsfighter participants hdtaboo

Another SlotsFighter participant from The Netherlands? You bet! Jord, also known by his streaming moniker HDTaboo is a Twitch streamer and slots enthusiast. Initially starting off as a moderator on the private channel of SlotsFighter host Chris, he has started to showcase his talents live on the Internet. With his channel growing quickly, the slots prowess seems to be following suit. Just a few days ago, Jord managed to hit 2548x win on Dead or Alive. Let’s see if this skill also translates into results in the SlotsFighter tournament!


slotsfighter participants

It’s no secret that the Swedes love to play their slots. Janeth, also known by her handle SpinGranny, also wants to show that age is no obstacle to slots success. Hailing from Hofors in Sweden, she loves to fish in the winter, dance, as well as to play online slots! Her biggest passion is painting, but she was also very eager to participate in the new season of SlotsFighter! Citing Magic Mirror II Deluxe and Moon Princess as her favorite games, let’s see if she can take the crown during this season!


slotsfighter participants awaydays

Ellis, also known by his media moniker of AwayDays, is a popular British football video blogger. That’s right! AwayDays enjoys travelling around the globe and watching football games. Afterwards, he documents them and shows them off on YouTube to more than 30k loyal followers. In his spare time, he also enjoys playing slots, including games from his favourite provider: Big Time Gaming. Let’s see if he can score big on the largest slots ground of them all: SlotsFighter!


slotsfighter participants lazerbass

Hannes by day, LazerBass by night. This fella from Sweden is the latest acquisition from SlotsFighter champion producing community! While he was worked as a temp teacher in natural sciences for a while, he now does some janitorial work. While cleaning up in real life might be nice, Hannes dreams of cleaning up the competition on SlotsFighter. He’s also a DJ and producer in his spare time, citing hands-up eurodance as his favourite genre. Let’s see if he can waltz through the other fighters this season!


slotsfighter participants emil

CasinoRockstar? New participant? The runner-up of season 2? Almost! Emil is replacing Per as the representative of the CasinoRockstar Twitch channel. While he doesn’t have the runner-up title up to his name just yet, he is no slouch when it comes to slots. His biggest win of 1690x comes from Reactoonz. Let’s see if he can create some explosions and follow in the Rockstar footsteps from Season 2!