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Mystery Reels MegaWays: Red Tiger Gaming Enters The Megaways Club

Big Time Gaming is throwing their Megaways license around like crazy. Who would have thought that Red Tiger Gaming will be the next to catch one for themselves? Soon enough, out they come with a Megaways slot of their own. Certainly, their past slots have proven to be rather innovative and well designed. So, we were curious to see what does Red Tiger Gaming have in store for their first ever Megaways slot – Mystery Reels Megaways. While this slot is based on one of their already existing slots Mystery Reels, there’s still quite a lot added quality to it besides the Megaways math model. So, let’s see what more does this game have in store in this Mystery Reels Megaways slot review.

Mystery Reels Megaways Slot

Mystery Reels Megaways Slot Review: An overview

Right off the top, Mystery Reels Megaways slot does not come off as a Megaways slot instantly. It has some elements, specifically the irregular grid layout as is common for Megaways. But other than that, the game is designed in the same manner as its predecessor, the original Mystery Reels. Other than that, this seems to be one of the better looking Megaways slots compared to its counterparts.

Mystery Reels Megaways Slot Mystery Symbols

As is typical to Megaways, Mystery Reels Megaways slot is high volatility with a maximum win potential of 10000X. That’s fairly reasonable and quite regular for Megaways. On top of that, the game is running on an RTP of 96.18% and a bet size ranging from €0.20 to €100. Also, there is a total of ten different symbols – five low value and five high value. That adds a fair amount of variability to win potentials. The slot also runs an avalanche mechanic, so any winning combination will be removed and replaced with new falling tiles.

Mystery Reels Megaways Slot Review: Features

Now, the features in this game are pretty basic and what we have seen already before in previous slots. Mystery Reels Megaways slot has, as implied in its name and as was in the original Mystery Reels slot, the Mystery Symbol feature. Upon triggering, the Mystery Symbol spreads across the reels at a random number of times and reveals a single symbol within. It’s quite similar to Mystery Wishes in Genie Jackpots Megaways and it’s a half-decent way of actually getting a good hit.

The Free Spins Bonus is triggered by collecting three scatter symbols. Upon entering the game, the player is given an opportunity to gamble their spins. Now, it’s kind of a tricky feature but it can pay off. You can basically win up to 40 spins. However, the safety net here is that you can’t go anywhere below 4 free spins. So, in general, it’s a somewhat safe way to gamble your free spins.

Though, is it worth it? Sure, why not. The Mystery Reels Megaways slot bonus features a progressive win multiplier that goes up after every win. Pretty much the same jizz jazz as in any most other Megaways slots. Though, what’s worth pointing out that there really is no cap as to how far the multiplier can go. All in all, a pretty basic bonus game.

Mystery Reels Megaways Slot Review: Conclusion

To sum up, this is a fair initiation for Red Tiger Gaming into the Megaways slots club. While it is nothing too exceptional, Mystery Reels Megaways is still a great slot. It has all the qualities of a great Red Tiger Gaming design and the best traits of Megaways. This is a combination for success. Both the maximum win potential and the straightforward sum of features make this game as a potentially well-played and well-received slot. While it is not as innovative as we hoped it to be, especially for Red Tiger Gaming, it’s nonetheless a promising start. We sincerely believe that Red Tiger Gaming will be able to climb the top of the Megaways ladder in no-time.

Right now, Mystery Reels Megaways slot is exclusively released only on Pokerstars Casino. However, the global release is planned for the 28th of March this year.