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Mobile Slots Guide

Not too long ago, you would’ve had to go to a physical, land-based casino in order to get your gambling kick. However, the online casino world exploded a couple of years back and in a more recent development, mobile slots are now taking the world by storm.

As mobile slot gaming is relatively new to most people, some are understandably nervous about getting involved. That’s why in this new mobile slots guide, we are going to take you through all the bits and bobs that make up mobile slots. The advantages of playing mobile slots, the different kinds of mobile slots. Of course, how to pay your deposits using your phone and much more!

Online Slots Vs. Mobile Slots

One of the biggest concerns for people that are new to mobile slots games is whether they are going to be giving up anything substantial to play on a mobile as opposed to online slots.

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to the important details such as the RTP’s and volatility of mobile slots, they are the same as online slots. There are also just as many competitions, bonuses and promotions for you to take advantage of with mobile slots as there is with online slots. So really, there is not much that you will lose out on at all!

When you get into playing mobile slots, you’ll soon discover that all your favourite online games and designs have been adapted for mobile compatibility. In fact, many of the world’s best slot companies and designers have created new and unique slots just for mobile. One of these companies is Push Gaming, with their slots being designed with mobile in mind.

The power of the smartphone

In today’s technologically advanced world, our smartphones and tablets outperform even some of the most recent laptops from a couple of years back. This means that we have devices strong enough to allow us to abandon our usual platforms of play on desktop. It becomes clear why so many players have chosen to move over to gaming on a mobile platform.

Over half of the global web traffic experienced every day now comes from mobile platforms, and this means that gaming companies have had to adapt to the changing market at an unprecedented speed. Otherwise, they stand the chance of falling behind their competitors.

Luckily for us, online casinos were certainly up for the challenge. Nowadays, we have a massive plethora of options for playing slots wherever we go, from the palm of our hand.

We hope you enjoy reading our guide just as much as we did writing it and we can’t wait for you to discover the wonderful world of mobile slots.

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Are There Any Mobile Casino Slots and Can I Win?

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to play your most beloved casino games on a mobile platform, then we’ve got excellent news for you.

You can play almost every kind of casino and table game! There are literally hundreds of different options, particularly in the way of slots, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette. The only casino games that you can’t take advantage of when it comes to mobile play are live dealer games.

Mr. Green and BGO Casino are just two sites that are making mobile casinos their number one priority.

Another concern that many people have when it comes to playing mobile games is whether they can still win big. Well, we’ve got even better news for you in this case.

Which mobile slots perform well?

One of the best examples of a mobile slot platform that continually has big wins is NetEnt. They were the people who also resulted in the world’s first big mobile slot win in July 2015, when an individual won a massive €3.1 million jackpot in what was seen as the real beginning of the real explosion in popularity in mobile slots games.

More recently, their Mega Fortune progressive jackpot game has made headlines for all the right reasons. When it comes to the frequency of payouts, there are few other mobile slots games that can claim the title that NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. You can play the game now on Casino Heroes.

One of the biggest winners in recent months was a lucky player that landed an eye-watering 3.7 million Euro jackpot. What makes this win even more amazing for the player was that they staked just under 10 Euros on the game before he had the luck of landing this massive sum – now that’s a good return if we ever did see one.

NetEnt slots: the big payout masters?

This latest win was just one of the many payouts that NetEnt has had recently, and this is what makes it one of the most popular platforms for playing online mobile games in the world. In fact, in 2018 alone, NetEnt has paid out over an incredible €18,000000 in winnings to ecstatic punters.

NetEnt takes great pride in making their winners feel special, and their chief product officer, Henrik Fagerlund was there to do the honours. He said: “The jackpots just keep on coming and we’re happy to see another player scoop a life-changing amount of money while playing our games.”

Mr. Fagerland continued to stress how NetEnt is a company built on great pride around providing these kinds of moments for their players. He suggested that the rest of 2018 was set to be a very lucky year for players indeed.

This is just an example of the amazing work that many of the online mobile casinos are doing around the world. It is also the reason why we are seeing such an increase in the number of people that are taking to their phones to win money in slots.

So winning big really shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to mobile slots, as you are just as likely to take home a big win with an online platform as you are with an online, desktop based or physical casino.

What are the different mobile slot games?

There are literally thousands of different mobile slot games to choose from. However, you need to look at the mobile device that you are using and the different way the games will work and what system requirements are needed.

Android Slots

Android is fast becoming one of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices all over the world. It is particularly great for mobile slots, as it also supports Flash-based games, which mean that both kinds of slots can be played on them.

Another great feature of Androids is that it’s very easy to delete, download and remove apps, which makes finding the right mobile slot game as easy as ABC.

slots on android


iPhone Slots

iOS is the operating system that powers Apple iPhones and iPads and it is undoubtedly the biggest competitor for Android. Mobile slots games on these systems had a notoriously slow start due to Apple’s policies of no real-time live gambling. This has also been subsequently added to by the fact that they don’t support Flash player.

Luckily for those with iOS systems, HTML5 based games were developed and that means that users can at least access games via their web browsers. Many of the online casinos have adapted to this development and many mobile slots can now be downloaded directly from the website for iOS users.

iPad Slots

When it comes to the iOS system, iPad run pretty much exactly the same as iPhone slots, however, the larger screen does make for a much more pleasant mobile slot experience.

Despite the fact that there is a larger range of mobile slots available for Android systems, the industry is evolving all the time and new, improved slot games are making their way into the iOS system every day.

These are just three of the most popular devices to play mobile slots, but there are plenty more for you to consider such as Windows, Blackberry and Kindle slots, which means there’s a little something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular mobile slots with, and without, progressive jackpots.

Without progressive jackpot:

  • Finn and the Swirly Spin: This new slot is all about Finn, a leprechaun that’s actually pretty likable. Unlike those other leprechauns that have different ideas, Finn simply wants to take you straight to the pot of gold. With an RTP of 96.62%., we suggest you explore the Emerald Isle, Starfall Wilds, Dragon Destroy Randoms and Magic Transformation Symbols.
  • Rapunzel’s Tower: Become Prince Eugene’s wingman and help him climb the tower and rescue ‘that chick with the long blonde hair’. Help your friend Eugene out and help him get to the top of the tower and rescue Rapunzel. This is a 5-reel video slot that has Free Spins Bonus of 10 Free Spins. If you manage to reach the top of the tower, you’re in for a treat. Extra re-spins and a 96.25% RTP – you’re sure to play this game time and again.
  • Pyramid: Quest for Immortality: With amazing substitutions, generations, multipliers and unique in-game features, this 720-line, 5-reel slot is one of the best.


rapunzel slot


With progressive jackpot:

  • Jackpot Giant: This is a visually stunning game with awesome 3D graphics, quick gameplay and big, big wins. You need to hit 5 wilds in order to twin jackpot and win a giant amount.
  • Justice League: This is a 5 reel, a 40-payline slot machine that allows you to become the superhero you always dreamed of. Based on the 2017 DC film, this is a popular mobile game with a 96.33 RTP, 6 Free Game Bonuses and 4 jackpots going on at one time.


How do mobile deposit slots work?

The great thing about mobile slots is that you’ll be able to start playing on any kind of mobile device and operating system within just a matter of minutes of deciding you’d like to try it out. Within just a few moments, you’ll be able to open up a mobile game and win real money that is all yours.

These are three of the most convenient and widely available ways that you will be able to play your mobile slots on the various operating systems from your favourite online casino sites.

The method that you choose is, of course, dependent on the mobile device that you have at hand, as we covered in the section above.

These are the three ways to access the best mobile slot games for your device:

  1. Casino or Slot App

The casino and slot app option is definitely the simplest way. If you want to access and play games this is the option for you.

This requires you to download a mobile or slot app onto the device that gives you direct access to the slots of your choice. Simply tap and download your casino or slot app and then launch it to play the game and win money.

A great advantage of downloading these apps is that they normally have a wide and varied range of slot games for you to choose from. This means you’ll have tons of different options and many different choices of mobile slot games right at your fingertips.

  1. Mobile Web Browser

The mobile web browser option is the best one for those with iOS operating systems and it means that you don’t have to take up the valuable storage on your device by downloading casino and slot apps that could take up a large chunk of your space.

You can simply visit the website of your favourite mobile casino using any web browser and games can be immediately launched into your browser. This means you won’t have to download apps for casinos or slots to your phone in order to start playing right away.

  1. Java Games

Java games are the ideal options for those players that have older or different kinds of mobile devices or operating systems such as Blackberry.

The only thing with playing mobile games in this manner is that it means you will only be able to download your favourite games individually.

playing slots on mobile

Many online casinos offer individual Java games and this is great news for those that don’t have Android or iOS systems and means that no matter what operating system you have – you’ll be able to play mobile slots to your enjoyment.

As you can see there is a number of different ways to play mobile slots, but just remember to keep your device and operating system in mind when you are trying to choose, as this is going to have a big impact on how you can play mobile slots.

How to pay by mobile slots?

Most people who are thinking about getting into the mobile slot world are slightly confused by how they set up payments. But there really is no need seeing as it couldn’t be easier.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to deposit using your mobile phone.

  1. Enter your mobile phone number

If you’re going to be playing online mobile slots, then you are going to be using your phone bill as a payment method. The first step you need to take in depositing money into your game is by entering the phone number of the device you’ll be using.

This is made as simple as possible on almost all casino sites and apps and you’ll be asked to enter it first before you continue to play.

  1. SMS confirmation of payment

Before your payment is confirmed and authorised, you’ll be sent a text message, which you will have to respond to.

This text is simply there to ask you about authorising the payment from your phone bill and you’ll usually have to go through a process of responding with a ‘Y’ or by putting in a special code sent to you.

Once you have confirmed receiving this text, your payment will then go through. You have the utmost control over your payments and if you don’t respond to the text, the link will normally expire in a couple of hours.

  1. Mobile payment confirmed

Once you have authorised the mobile payment it will then be taken off your phone in one of two ways.

If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, the money will be taken immediately off your account. However, if you are on a contract the deposit payment will be added to your usual monthly bill. Once you’ve authorised your payment, you will be notified of the addition to the bill.

  1. Get Playing

You’ve done everything that you need to get your mobile playing account active and now it’s time to have fun playing your favourite slot game.

The advantages of playing mobile slots

  • It’s incredibly easy

When it comes to playing mobile slots there simply is no easier way to play online casino games. As shown in step one above, there is no need to sign-up to a site or register for any accounts.

You are redirected to PayPal or some other kind of online payment system. You don’t have to rustle through your wallet and find your debit card number, only to enter it incorrectly and have to go through the whole process all over again. There is no need for any of these extra hassles when you are getting into mobile slots.

As shown above, the only thing you need to do is enter the mobile number of the device you are playing off and then the deposit amount will be taken off either your pay as you go account of added to your phone bill.

Mobile slots are a very convenient way to play slots online from anywhere at any time.

security on slots

  • It’s Secure

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats to security that we are facing in the modern age, and as such it makes sense that people are concerned about the security of their online activities.

One of the greatest things about using mobile slots is that the only information that you have to pass on is your phone number. None of your bank details or other important information is passed to the casino, which means that if anything is hacked or intercepted, the most information that will be released is simply your phone number, which isn’t very harmful at all.

As stated earlier, you’ll have to reply to an SMS in order to authorise every payment that you make. If you decide at the last minute that you don’t actually want to play the game, then you simply ignore the text.

If you get a text trying to ask for authorisation for a payment that you didn’t make, then all you have to do is ignore the text and notify the mobile casino to make them aware.

You can also contact your provider so they know of the issue too, and from that point, there is no threat to your information about money.

  • Privacy

Many people would like the keep their online casino activities a private matter, and this is completely understandable. With your credit card or another online payment system, you will be able to see that a payment has been made to an online casino.

However, with a payment from your mobile phone, it will simply state a mobile phone payment with no other information given out. Pay as you go customers are able to keep their trail even cleaner without leaving any information at all.

So, if privacy is your main concern then mobile slots of the way to go.

  • Accessibility

One of the greatest joys that comes with mobile slots games is that they can literally be played anywhere at any time. As long as you have your phone and have deposited money into the casino from your mobile, you’ll be able to play.

We hope that you have enjoyed our guide to playing mobile slots and have many happy games ahead of you! In case you have any other questions, feel free to visit our Twitch stream. You’re more than welcome to ask any questions you may have!