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Slot Classics: Merkur Slots Retrospective

Merkur slots have always enjoyed a solid reputation in their birthplace of Germany. While online casino fans know the slots for their high variance and classic looks, the company has a diverse portfolio. Operating land-based casinos, gambling halls, and lottery terminals, their influence is indisputable. In this retrospective, we’ll take a look at the history of the company. We will also look at their most popular slots and even some oddball moments. Let’s go!

merkur slots with logo imposed on woman's head

Merkur Slots: Company History

Merkur has been around for far longer than a lot of people realize. The company is celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2017 and is one of the pioneers of the gaming business in Europe. The founder, Paul Gauselmann, created the holding company of Merkur called the Gauselmann Group. It is still a family-owned business to this day.

merkur slots owners

Paul and Armin Gauselmann, current owners of the brand

The games and betting machines of Merkur have been available in land-based casinos in Germany called Spielotheks since 1974However, their expansion into iGaming began in 2006. With the acquisition of Edict eGaming GmbH in 2008, they acquired the access to provide their games for an abundant amount of online casinos. Their first license was only obtained in 2011 though, which is when online slots enthusiasts finally got a taste of Germany’s finest. With the UKGC license secured in 2015, almost every dedicated slots fan has had a chance to experience Merkur slots!

Merkur Slots: Volatility & Stats

If you’re a new slots player who’s used to flashy games from providers like NetEnt, perhaps Merkur might turn you off at first. Their overall graphics & production quality is not the best. Instead, it is quite old-school. Maybe even a bit dated. As an example, this is a screenshot from the game “Vampires,” which was made available online in 2017.

Not only is the slot visual design quite cooky, but so are some of their features. For example, on some of the more newer slots, players can stop a reel at any moment. However, the trick is – players can stop only one at a time. So, if you are feeling lucky and think you’ve got an eye for that bonus that’s been teasing you the past minutes, feel free to take a shot and aim for the bulls-eye. Surely enough, the stop-reel feature is mostly for the show. It is still indeed a nice touch to make the game experience seem more player-involved.

merkur slots screenshot vampires game

Even with the outdated design taken into account, Merkur is well-known for a whole different reason. One of the prime reasons players have come to love the games is their potential for big payouts. Their high volatility slots can be a game changer at any time. At one point you are just looking at your bankroll as it goes down, but Merkur slots are known for its surprises. You cannot predict when the wins will come. As it is with most Merkur slots in all aspects of their games – you just got to go with the flow.

Merkur Slots: The Classics

Of course, we have to take a look at the best-of-the-best, casino enthusiast all-time favorite Merkur slots. If there is an online casino that has Merkur slots, these games will surely be included in their list. To start off, indeed we have to mention Dragon’s Treasure.

In Dragon’s Treasure, you enter the realm of, well, a dragon supposedly protecting its treasure. The symbols are represented by characters that exist within this realm, which seem to be some sort of dragon hunters. Not sure how good are they at hunting dragons, but they sure as hell pay off when they hit. You need to hit three dragon symbols to enter the bonus game. When you do, you get to choose between all the games’ symbols to act as a scatter symbol when you hit a minimum of three. The game includes the classic Merkur design and animations, so it’s a pleasant experience for want-to-be dragon hunters and retro lovers.

Next up, we’ve got Knight’s Life. Another classic for online slots, found on nearly every online casino that has Merkur Gaming listed as their provider. As the name suggests, this game holds a knightly, medieval thematic. The symbols are represented by several different knight-looking characters, as well as the classic letter symbols. In addition to that, there is a wizard character that represents the wild symbol and a horse symbol that acts as the scatter symbol. Given enough time, this game can pay out big time. Yet, it is not recommended to play this game with headphones on as the screechy sound effects can blast your eardrums out.

Another player favorite game is Magic Mirror. A classic game with basic features, similar to most other games, including the aforementioned Dragon’s Treasure. Magic Mirror truly can help the player reflect on Merkur slots. The game has a unicorn chasing wizardess, both characters represented as premium symbols. In addition to two other premium symbols and a four basic symbols. The bonus works pretty much the same as Dragon’s Treasure, except you have a pleasantly looking female character to please your sight.

Merkur Slots: Oddities

Unlike some other providers, Merkur Gaming has their gamble feature game on-point. They offer two different gamble options for every bet – a card-picking game and “the gambler ladder.” The first is your typical pick-a-symbol card gamble as seen on some other provider games such as Play’N’Go and Novomatics. Both

The line selection in some of their games is also bizarre, yet appealing. For example, Fantastic Fruit gives you only two choices – 10 or 64 reels. Thus, even changing the weight of some of the wins, which is a fairly nice touch. But still, no other provider offers this, as far as we could find.


Fantastic Fruit Merkur Slot

An example of the pay-table for both pay-line selections on Fantastic Fruit.


At the same time, the Merkur R&D department has certainly put their foot into it. They have even come out with an innovative concept such as a single reel slot. That’s right, their top game King of Luck has only a single reel. Within that single reel, there is a selection of five symbols with a symbol progression system. As you hit the symbol more, the bet raises. Once you hit the King of Luck himself, you get a step up in all three basic symbols. Once you have them all filled, you get a shot at the jackpot. However, if you hit the devil symbol – you lose all your progress and start from the bottom. Yeah, take a moment now to swallow that.

Merkur Slots: The Conclusion

Merkur Gaming slots certainly has its charm, while it is not for everyone. Those who are looking for a more modern looking online slots experience can surely turn to other providers. But for players who are pleased by Merkur’s niche with their retro-looking slots – you can’t really go wrong with them. Though, it may seem that NetEnt has taken a shot at their aesthetic, you can never really get a more authentic experience than with Merkur.

Even for those who cannot withstand the visual and sound design should think about the resulting potential for the payout. Because surely enough, Merkur slots are known for two things – their design and legendary big wins.

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