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Machina: Enter The Future Of Slots

It’s been a while since we last reviewed a game of one of the smaller providers. Though, with all the buzz around Machina, it seemed to be an excellent fit to break that silence. Machina is a brand new game by Kalamba Games – a provider that holds a rather small repertoire of online slots. Nonetheless, it’s a relatively small studio that seems to be focusing more on quality over quantity. Equally, it seems to be following up on some of the recent trends in online slots and implementing them in their latest slot Machina. What exactly are they? Well, we’re going to run things down in this Machina slot review.

Machina Slot Review

Machina Slot Review: An overview

Now this slot is a rather interesting breed when it comes to slots. Nothing much comes to mind when trying to come up with a decent comparison with the slot. Sure, it has the whole standard set up with ten symbols, a bonus game and so on. But then you see this entire Big Time Gaming‘s Megaways type of thing going on. Now, this is not a Megaways licensed game like some of the Blueprint Games. But it just has its own multiway thing going on with having up to 46,656 pay ways instead of the BTG’s 117,649 for their Megaways payline design. Nonetheless, the number of paylines in Machina slot go way beyond some other multiway slots, and it seems to be working out just fine. On top of the countless multiway pay-ways, the slot has six reels.

Machina Slot Review Multiways

As for the technicals, the info sheet states the game has an RTP between 95.59% to 97.42%, which is rather vague. But RTP, in general, is somewhat shady anyways. Additionally, it has a maximum bet payout potential of 26600X. But the minimum bet size stands at 0.60 which is pretty crazy for such a high volatility game. And by high volatility we mean really high volatility. 

Machina Slot Review: Features

For the most part, the game’s features are pretty standard. You have a couple of basic wilds, ranging in different sizes. The base game has not much else to it other than endless pay-way variations. It doesn’t have the top outer row as some Megaways slots have, so there’s no chance for getting those piles and piles of big wins. It would be rather useless anyways as Machina doesn’t have the progressive multiplier.

Machina Slot Review Basegame

Either way, the real treat in this slot is the free spins bonus game. So, the player can receive up to 16 free spins in the bonus game, by either collecting the scatter symbols while playing or just buying the bonus. And that’s one of the trends that were mentioned earlier. But the bonus buying option is super expensive, compared to a few others. The maximum amount of free spins, which is 18, can be bought for a whopping 325X.

Once the player enters the bonus game, it’s all relatively simple until you start collecting the Bonus Accumulation Symbols. After obtaining 4 of those symbols, you receive 2 additional free spins along with having one of the premium symbols replaced with the top-paying robot symbol. You need four symbols for the first two replacements and then 5 for the other 2. You can get up to 8 additional spins, making a total of 24 free spins.

From that point on, things get a little more serious. You can get the top-paying symbol all over the place. It can pay real lovely, especially given that it’s a multiway game. But for some reason, it still seems that it’s a bit too limiting, compared to some of the Megaways games.

Machina Slot Review: Design

Design-wise, it’s a fairly decent product. Visually, the game looks pretty decent and reasonably modern. Aesthetically, it has this cyberpunk-ish vibe going on for it. Kind of like the latest Blade Runner film but, well, on a lower budget and animated. But for such a small studio, it’s still a decent design. Red Tiger Gaming slots always seem to outmatch them visually, among other larger competitors.

The sound is also more or less pleasant. Sounds outdated, but even still, the sound design still holds the cyberpunk vibe. It’s not distracting at all.

Machina Slot Review Bonus

Machina Slot Review: Conclusion

To sum up, the game is quite good but not too exciting. A few things are going on for it with the Multiways thing but it still feels like something is missing. Either within the base game or the bonus game but probably a little bit of both. Now, the game can pay, sure, but it’s not that exciting to play, compared to say, Quickspin’s Divine Dreams. There’s just that lack of anticipation that’s quite nice within some online slots games. Especially given that it’s so extremely high volatility. This game is worth playing for those really interested in scoring a big, humongous win.

With this Machina slot review all wrapped up, we recommend you to give the game a shot and figure out how you feel about the slot. So, why not just try it on a brand new online casino, like Redbet.

Machina Slot Review: Video Review

In case you want to see an in-depth analysis with actual gameplay, check out our video review of the slot!