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Jingle Spin: It’s Christmas Time!

Have you started noticing all the Christmas themed peripherals in your local stores? Well, for a good reason, because Christmas is right around the corner! And what better way is there to await the holidays with a brand new Christmas slot! NetEnt is releasing a brand new slot Jingle Spin, set in Santa’s elf workshop. It’s time to join forces with Santa Claus and get the gift-making factory line going because there’s a lot of money to be made! So, let’s not hesitate and dig right into this Jingle Spin slot review.

Jingle Spin Slot Review Main

Jingle Spin Slot Review: Overview

Jingle Spin is a unique 5-reel, 3-row slot that brings around the Christmas cheer and sets you in the mood for the holidays. It has 20 fixed paylines alongside with a variety of other features. The slot has ten total symbols – 5 basic and 5 premium and all of the designed to fit the Christmas theme.

As is with most other NetEnt slots, the game offers a bet range between €0.20 to €200Jingle Spin falls in the range of low to medium volatility and has an RTP of 96.48%. Additionally, the player can win up to a 94750X per single spin!

Jingle Spin Slot Review: Features

Jingle Spin slot gameplay revolves around its core mechanic – the Christmas Bauble Wheel. Throughout the game, the wheel spins after each spin and can land on a variety of baubles. Once they do, they load onto the line above the reel and may fall into the reels below if it the bauble appears above a Wild Symbol. 

Jingle Spin Slot Base Game

The bauble wheel contains included in the game are Coin Win Bauble, Spreading Wilds Bauble, Surprise Bauble and of course, the Free Spins Bauble:

  • The Coin Win Bauble value range depends on the bet level and can vary from 50 and up to 10000 in value.
  • Spreading Wilds Bauble spreads to any of the adjacent symbols, turning them into wilds.
  • Free Spins Bauble gives a range of free spins, varying from 5 and up to 50.
  • The Surprise Bauble can reveal any of the other bauble features at random.

The whole Christmas Bauble Wheel feature is genuinely unique an makes the game stand out between all the other Christmas-themed games. However, the real cherry on top is the bonus game.

Jingle Spin Slot Bonus

Once the game enters the bonus game, the player receives four baubles on the top reel. Additionally, the player gets a constant flow of baubles after every single spin. They don’t run out unless you run out of free spins, which can pay up as long as you are lucky enough to receive wild symbols in the other reels.

Jingle Spin Slot Review: Design

The slot also has some reasonably decent visuals. Although it’s nothing overly extravagant, the whole layout carries along the Christmas vibes. The thrifty elves tossing the baubles in a working line add a comedic element and make the game fun to play. The main character, Santa Claus, looks pretty goofy as well. Overall, the game has a very steam-punkish look to it.

Sound-wise – the effects are pretty neat. The tiny voice bits for the elves indeed make them more lively and a part of the game experience, compared to other games where the characters in slots play a passive role or just appear in the symbols.

Jingle Spin Slot Review: Conclusion

All things considered, Jingle Spin has a lot of potential. The game is quite innovative, fun to play and can pay given the right circumstances. This can be more than just a seasonal Christmas slot. It certainly has a chance to be played throughout the whole year. Though it’s quite competitive for the holiday-themed slots when Christmas comes, Jingle Spin has a shot to be at the top of them all.

We’ll see where this slot is headed once Christmas does come along. But until then, check out the game when it releases on 29th November in any NetEnt online casino.