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Classic Slot Reviews: Immortal Romance

Recently, we had written loads of reviews about brand new slots releases and advised our viewers on the best slots strategies. But now – it’s time to look back at some history. Look back at some of the finest, classic slots games out there in the market. And undeniably, one of such games is Microgaming‘s Immortal Romance. The name of the game says everything – there will always be an undying love for this slot. It has been years since it released, but it remains at the top of the game lists across online casinos. So, let’s not hold back and dig right into this Immortal Romance slot review.

Immortal Romance Slot Review

Immortal Romance Slot Review: An overview

As soon as we open the game, we are met with a familiar sight – the classic Microgaming 5×3 layout and all the familiar characters on the symbols. You have probably memorized the symbols by now but just as a reminder – 6 basic and six premium symbols. Additionally, there’s also the scatter and wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes all symbols, except for the scatter, and doubles all wins.

Though, this must be one of the more in-depth slots out there as Microgaming developed exclusive lore for this slot. Each of the characters that you see on the symbols has a story of their own, which you can find in the game info. Well, additionally, they have a different pay value as can be seen in the paytable below.

Immortal Romance Slot Review Paytable

Paytable as calculated on a 6 euro bet.

This slot, like most other Microgaming slots, is reputed for its high-volatility and high potential for huge wins. Not to mention the 243 pay ways that you see highlighted across the layout. Though, it’s near impossible to find any information about this games’ RTP.

Immortal Romance Slot Review: Features

This game packs a serious punch and only in rare cases has anyone left the game disappointed. But it’s certainly not the nostalgic attachment to the game that keeps everyone playing. Besides all the technicalities, this slot also has some insane features. That is precisely what we will look at the next part of this Immortal Romance slot review.

At its core, the most anticipated feature for anyone while playing the Immortal Romance slot is the bonus. This slot uses a rather interesting progression feature. Not all the bonus options are available upon triggering the free spins.

The way it works is that you need to trigger the bonus a set amount of times to get past the first, initial choice that you have. The first bonus is the Amber bonus with ten free spins and a 5x multiplier on all wins. In all honesty, the first one is the best of them all. But it all depends on the bet size and your balance – whatever you’re looking to get from the bonus. Though, once you get more than one bonus – the choices are all yours.

Immortal Romance Slot Review Free Spins

This whole bonus progression is tied to the achievement feature from which you can gain “experience points” and then later they will grant you access to the said bonuses.

Other than the bonus, of course, another amazing feature is a Wild Desire. Now and then, in the base game, the player receives a shot at the feature. It grants one and up to five full wild reels. Those can be extremely sick if the number of wild reels and symbol positioning is right.

Immortal Romance Slot Review Wild Desire

Immortal Romance Slot Review: Design

All in all, Immortal Romance has aged very well, compared to some other online slots. This slot has an excellent overall production regarding design. You can see that there is quite a lot of effort put into not only to make this game functional but pleasant to look at. As a result – making it look very playable. And it is very playable altogether. It feels alive, with the character animations and just the general motion of the spinning reels. The layout is also quite tremendously designed.

Immortal Romance Slot Review Big Win

Of course, the soundtrack is quite familiar to all slots enthusiasts who have at some point favored this game. In addition to the very recognizable scatter symbol thud that always gives you that mini-heart attack while anticipating for the bonus. And, then of course, when the bonus comes, you get struck by this cheesy pop-rocky track that sounds like something taken from a 2000s teen TV show.

Immortal Romance Slot Review: Conclusion

This Immortal Romance slot review is more than just a slot review – it’s an ode to Microgaming. While diving into this slot review I was already assured that there is nothing wrong to say about this game (well, other than it being dead from time to time, but that’s for the slots gods to decide). This may be a somewhat biased review, but this is seriously one of the best online slots games out there. It has everything – it has action, anticipation, great design – what else could you ask for in an online slots game? If you’re looking to make some bank in online slots – why not do it with some style? Because Immortal Romance has just that.

So, if you have not yet tried the game ever before, TRY IT! NOW! It’s like seriously good, and there’s no denying it. While you’re at it – give SvenBet a shot.