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Top 5 High Volatility Slots

Everyone loves to play high volatility slots. The chance of scoring a big win from even a petite bet size can be thrilling to a large number of players. But how can you choose and pick the exact game to play? Easy! Here at SlotsFighter, we’re used to analyzing slots and learning from RNG statistics. If you’re seeking to play a highly volatile game, look no further. It’s time to look at the top 5 high volatility slots! Take note! We will only be looking at slots that have seen an online release. No land-based casino exclusives here!

high volatility slots top 5

5. Merkur Slots

It was tough to decide on a single Merkur slot to highlight, but the German provider is no stranger to big wins. Initially starting out as a land-based provider, Merkur has become known as a high-risk provider. While their RTP is no lower than average, the majority of wins come from big wins. You won’t be seeing many base game hits on Merkur, but when it pays, it pays.


One example of a Merkur slot paying out well has already shown up once on the third season of SlotsFighter. Twitch streamer CasinoBonusMaster managed to play Merkur’s Odin for the first time in his slots career. Despite not even knowing the potential, he got a cool 1500x on his first bonus on the game ever! While the games can have plenty of cold streaks, they can pay out big time. Games such as Knight’s Life can give plenty of retriggers, awarding many wildlines. If you’re willing to risk a bit of your bankroll, go check out Merkur. If you want to read more about the history of the company, feel free to read our article on them as well!

4. Book of Ra/Book of Dead

It was hard to pick one of these games to put into the overall top 5, but the Book games and their imitators are kings of volatility. The original Book of Ra game, devised by Novomatic, still continues to be one of the most played games of all time. If you are to look at Google Trends over a stretch of time, we can see that the popularity has constantly remained very high.

highest volatility slots trends

The same applies to Book of Dead, an excellent release by Play’n’Go that nets roughly 50% of the profit for the company. The gameplay principle is almost the same, except it features a beautiful and refreshed game sign. For many players, hitting the full screen of explorers on a bonus is the ultimate whale. Out of all the high volatility slots, this is undoubtedly the most popular one. The only issue this slot is not placed higher is due to the small chance of an amazing hit. Regardless, while these games are enjoyable, they are not for the faint of hearted.

Blondie’s Season 1 full-screen Anubis hit is still in our memories!

3. Fat Rabbit

A relative newcomer to the scene, Push Gaming have been noticed by the streaming community and slots players alike. At first glance, it appears somewhat innocent and friendly. A lovely landscape featuring a square screen, it doesn’t seem like it poses much of a threat. Oh, how wrong you would be. This slot is an absolute monster! If you’re looking to score huge on the base game, look for another slot to play. On Fat Rabbit, it’s all about the bonus feature, where the rabbit can grow exponentially more significant.

While only a single week has passed by since Push Gaming have been introduced to the SlotsFighter, we have already experienced some cool wins! One of these comes from SpinGranny, who managed to score an alright rabbit in the bonus game. While we still haven’t seen the elusive full rabbit who has eaten all of the carrots, the wins could be immense. Are you up to the challenge to grow the largest rabbit? Then give the Fat Rabbit a try!

2. Donuts

Another newcomer to the list is the latest release by Big Time Gaming: Donuts! When we were doing the slot review for Donuts, it initially did not impress too much. I still haven’t obtained a win more significant than a 200x. Don’t let that turn you off the game though. This game can produce life-changing gains. The first stage of the bonus reveals the multipliers for the actual free spins. The fun fact of it? It can produce a multiplier of up to 800x! While we haven’t seen any videos of that in action yet, there’s plenty of YouTube videos with mega-potential videos.

The video above shows fellow casino streamer HuggeHugg scoring some golden, golden donuts in the first stage of the base game. Hopefully, Donuts will make an appearance on SlotsFighter soon, and we’ll see some of those big wins plop up on the big stage!

1. Bonanza

This is the granddaddy. Another entry by Big Time Gaming, I don’t think slot needs much of an introduction. It has quickly become one of the most popular online slots of all time. When people speak about high volatility slots, they often think about precisely Bonanza. Why? Easy. Not only does the base game have a chance of delivering a good win, but the bonus is truly astounding. While it just comes in roughly 1 in every 500 spins, it can retrigger, as well as every single win counts as a multiplier.

Spin Ninja’s record win on Bonanza. Still standing as the most significant win on SlotsFighter!

To demonstrate an example, here is the biggest win ever seen on SlotsFighter, coming from this very slot. Our contestant SpinNinja delivered a fantastic hit here that helped him on his quest to become the champion of season 1. And that’s not even the start of it. Due to its high volatility, it can take a long time to seek it out! Fellow casino streamer Daskelelele also obtained a 100k hit on this very game. If you’re looking for something genuinely volatileBonanza is the game to play!

Conclusion about high volatility slots

I hope that you enjoyed this list of top volatility slots. While there’s certainly plenty of discussion on the table (where’s Dead or Alive?), it is a list of slots that are popular, are known to pay out well, and their wins can be seen live on the Internet. If you wish to play any of them, we welcome you to check out Mr. Green, a place where all of these games are available. Interested in having a discussion about my selection? Feel free to drop by the SlotsFighter Twitch channel at 18:30 CET. Let’s argue a bit!