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The Lounge: Future of SlotsFighter

SlotsFighter is always growing. There’s no denying that. But to liven things up a bit, we’ve decided to freshen a few things up, make it a bit comfier and have some more fun. Today, we’re ready to announce a few features coming to the SlotsFighter stream community. The future of SlotsFighter is now.

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The Lounge

First things first, as you might have already seen on the stream and in some screenshots, we’ve prepared one hell of a lounge. To make the streams livelier and show you the real side of how we live our lives, we’re getting rid of the green screen. We want ourselves and the viewers to feel more comfortable, so we’ll show off how we play slots. Chilling out, sitting in the couch. People are passing by, all that good stuff.

Okay, sure, you might see the tech team walking by now and then, but I think that adds a part of the charm. The SlotsFighter family is always active, and you’ll get to see a little bit of behind-the-scenes action. Be sure to keep on checking out the stream, and you’ll no doubt see the lounge in action.

Guest X

You might have seen the interviews with game providers already on our YouTube channel. The initial reception to these videos has been quite good, so we’re excited to take this one step further. Coming soon on SlotsFighter, you’ll see real developers and employees from game companies come live on the channel. It’ll be a cool way to experience completely new games live on the stream, as well as get to know the development process behind the games. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as this is coming up soon!

Additional Cool Things: Future of SlotsFighter

As always, we’re looking forward to improving the stream in any possible way we can. SlotsFighter is not going anywhere, and we’re always looking to improve the content that we put out. We’ll appreciate you popping by the stream and chiming on what you’d like to see happen. There’s some other stuff on the horizon, but we can’t tell you that just yet. For now, enjoy the content, and we look forward to your continued support.