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Fruit Blox: Harvest Season For Big Wins

Want to catch those hot summer vibes throughout the whole year? Is Berry Burst not enough to satisfy your fruit slot diet? Well, then Red Tiger Gaming has just the right slot for you – and it’s not only another fruit slot! Fruit Blox is one of the freshest, latest summer releases by Red Tiger GamingIt packs cluster mechanics, huge symbol tiles and a nearly potential for paylines. Not only that – the game also offers win-multipliers up to 10 000X! Find out what else the Fruit Blox slot has to offer in this review!

Fruit Blox Slot Review

Fruit Blox Slot Review: An overview

Fruit Blox is a 6-reel, 4-row cluster with cluster mechanics and a vast amount of opportunities. The game has ten different symbols – 5 basic, four premium, and a wild symbol. Also, the symbols may land in Mega Tiles ranging from 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4. The bet size possibilities range from €0.20 and up to €10, which is not that high compared to, for example, NetEnt slots. Though, the bet size range is so low for a good reason, given the amount of potential for wins in this game.

Fruit Blox Slot Symbols

The cluster mechanics are quite simple. A win is rewarded when symbols connect across 3 or more adjacent tiles. Additionally, matching adjacent mega tiles double the wins. So, that allows for the potential for huge wins even in the base game.

Fruit Blox Slot Cluster

Fruit Blox Slot Bonus

Though, the bonus is the real treat in Fruit Blox slot. The Free Spins symbols land only in mega tiles. When they do, the number of tiles in each mega tile determine the amount of free spins. Equally, the number of free spins can be doubled, similar to how adjacent mega tiles double the wins. So, there’s a chance to get up to 48 free spins. But realistically, you’re looking to get anywhere from and up to around 24 free spins. 

Fruit Blox Slot Free Spins

Once you the game enters the bonus game, it randomly selects any of the nine symbols and turns it into a wild. Every retrigger in the Fruit Blox slot grants another wild symbol turnover. And the potential for retriggers in this game is looking pretty okay. And the retriggers is precisely what you should be anticipating when playing the Fruit Blox slot. It’s quite apparent as to why as well. More free spins and more wilds mean more huge wins.

Fruit Blox Slot Big Win

Check this huge win on Fruit Blox!

Fruit Blox Slot Game Design

Compared to other Red Tiger Gaming games we have reviewed in the pastFruit Blox slot is nothing too exceptional. The colors are indeed quite vibrant, as they should be, given that this is a fruit-themed slot after all. But the blocky theme for the game seems to be a proper fit. Overall, graphically the game is pretty great looking. It’s a real color trip. Especially when you shift into turbo spin mode.

Meanwhile, the sound effects are also pretty well worked out. The soothing sounds add a calming vibe to the experience of playing this slot. Everything sounds relatively perfected.

Fruit Blox Slot Review Conclusion

Generally speaking, this slot is a pretty nice production by Red Tiger Gaming. There’s quite a lot of potential found here. Both the base game and the bonus game have a lot of room for catching some serious big win crop. No matter what bet size you’re playing, there’s an excellent chance to make some severe earnings in the Fruit Blox slot. There’s a good reason why the maximum bet size has been capped at €10Red Tiger Gaming has been stepping their game up and keeping up with their competitors. Their previous releases have shown a lot of promise. Hopefully, they will continue to provide slots on the same level. Fruit Blox slot gets the SlotsFighter seal of approval.

At the moment, the game has a limited release exclusively on William Hill. However, be sure to find it when it releases in all Red Tiger Gaming online casinos.