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Mirror Mirror: Is NetEnt’s newest offering a return to form?

NetEnt is back with another one, and we’re here with our Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Slot Review! Another entry in their Fairytale series, we’re promised a bunch of new exciting features. With 243 ways, it’s a different kind of beast from the other games. Featuring a classic “ye-olde” story theme and promises of payouts up to 1800x, does this slot stand the time? Or are we looking at a broken mirror? Let’s find out!

mirror mirror slot review image

What’s the thing with NetEnt?

NetEnt’s recent failures have come as no surprise to any online casino enthusiast. Their drop popularity of games, as well as accusations of “nerfs” on certain games, has caused them to lose a specific part of the market share. This has been especially felt in the streaming community. Not as many viewers or online casino streamers tend to play NetEnt anymore.

Their recent releases such as Lost Relics and Hotline have been met with mediocre-to-okay reviews. Nothing to write home about, they’re not terrible, but they’re not great. With competitors in the market offering high volatility games, the demand might not be there. Online players are showing an increasing tendency to select games with higher risk. Does Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror have what it takes to bring back NetEnt to the top?

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Base Game Features

Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror is the third installment in Netent’s fairytale-themed slot series. Unlike the previous games, which offered only ten lines of play, this is a fully fledged 243-way slot, which is much more in favor of online slots players, giving more considerable chances of wins. With an RTP of 96.48%, it’s relatively standard. The slot was mostly low-volatility, not dripping down the bankroll too much. This statistic shows that Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror might have excellent potential as a wagering slot!

fairytale legends mirror mirror big win

Highest multiplier win we encountered during 500 spins: 180x

The game features a traditional assortment of standard slot symbols: A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9, as well as the premium symbols. The high-value symbols are lanterns, the fairytale icons and the babes in the mirror. Still, the highest value symbol only gives out a total of 15x for a 5-of a kind on a single payline. Theoretically, it can bring tremendous potential, but in our testing, the symbol appeared super rarely.

fairytale legends mirror mirror bonus

The fairy from previous games makes a return, granting a mirror feature

The infamous fairy from the earlier entries in the fairytale games makes a grand performance. She can give a total of three different random features. In the screenshot above, we can see the Fairy Mirror feature, which awards the player one of the mirror symbols in random reels. Effectively, these work as sticky wilds, giving you re-spins with a chance to trigger a full screen of high-value symbols.

There are also Fairy Magic Spin and Fairy Surprise features. The Magic Spin seemed to occur most frequently, awarding a few symbols appear on the reels for a single spin. This feature on average awarded a win of roughly 10x-15x. The Fairy Surprise feature fills a section of the screen with lower value symbols, guaranteeing a single victory. We did not achieve enough solid wins during this feature to consider it worthy! In our conclusion, the Fairy Mirror feature has the highest potential of them all, but do not rely on the features to get large winnings.

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Bonus Feature

The bonus feature for this game works slightly different than with previous games in the Fairytale series. It is triggered by landing the 3 bonus symbols (golden boxes) on the first, third and fifth reel. Upon triggering the bonus, you are offered the chance to select one of three bonus options:

  • Coin Win – A simple reward of 15x, that’s it!
  • Mining Bonus – A pick & click where you collect small prizes
  • Free Spins – In our opinion, the only worthwhile selection. Giving you 10 free spins with a re-spin feature that potentially allows you to fill up the screen with mirror symbols.

fairytale legends mirror mirror bonus

We were awarded the free spins on the first trigger of the bonus

Of course, you are not given a selection to pick the free spins option. Instead, it appears to be truly random, giving you roughly a 33.3% chance to receive the coveted free spins selection. This is the “creme de la creme” of this game. There is a small chance of filling up the entire screen with the mirror princess icons. This would theoretically give you an opportunity of winnings up to 1800x. In our testing, the most significant win during the bonus was only 50x, which was nothing to write home about. This is nothing to be extremely happy about, given that the bonus took forever to trigger. We encountered it only once during our initial 500 spins.

fairytale legends mirror mirror bonus

Free spins feature: the purple mirror symbols are sticky, potentially providing big wins

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror: Must or Bust?

NetEnt’s offerings of late have not been received with much fanfare. This latest entry to the Fairytale Legends series will appeal to fans of lower-volatility games and people looking to wager the last parts of their bonus money. Despite the promise of wins up to 1800x, the bonus feature does not trigger enough to guarantee mega-potential. Overall, this game is a semi-bust for the SlotsFighter team. While we wouldn’t play it on a regular basis, it might be a fun game to try out for a while and crush your wager on.

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror will release on several casinos on the 24th of July. Check out the game on casino providers such as Mr. Green and check out SlotsFighter on Twitch to see the game in competition form!