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Extra Juicy: High Volatility & 60,000X Win Potential!

Most often, Pragmatic Play tends to stick close to their schtick. The slots in their arsenal tend to be very standard five-by-three grid layouts with popular mechanics. However, as is the case for most Pragmatic Play slots – the looks can be misleading. What’s under the hood is what matters the most in their case. Equally, the same can be said about their latest slot – Extra Juicy. While it may seem to appear as just another fruit-themed slot, there’s quite a lot of juice to be squeezed from this one. So, let’s dive right into the pool of juice in this Extra Juicy slot review!

Extra Juicy Slot Review

Extra Juicy Slot Review: An overview

Now, the first impression of the game, as we specified, may be misleading. Seems like just another fruit game? WRONG! This bad boy is, in fact, packing a lot of heat. The five-by-three layout may also come off as mediocre? Again – WRONG! Extra Juicy slot is breaking the boundaries of single side win combinations. In fact – the sides don’t even matter, as long as you have at least a winning combination anywhere on the game screen with at least 3 symbols. While the 10 paylines may seem slightly restricting, we can assure you – it’s not. The lack of boundaries in the direction of the winning combinations make a lot of sense alongside the limited number of paylines.

Extra Juicy Slot Bonus Trigger

This slot also is highly volatile. Worth mentioning is the fact that the Extra Juicy slot has a maximum win potential of 60,000X. If that’s not a selling point, the who know what is. Additionally, the bet size ranges from €0.10 and up to €50 per single spin and an RTP of 96,52%.

Extra Juicy Slot Review: Features

On top of the unique reel mechanic, the Extra Juicy slot also features Progressive Free Spins. In order to trigger the free spins, you need three scatter symbols, each on the first, third and fifth reel.

As the name of the bonus implies, the bonus game features a progressive win multiplier that goes up by one after every spin. So, you start off at 1X by default and gain 12 free spins at the start of the bonus. But you can also retrigger the bonus with three additional scatter symbols up to four times. That can get you up to 60 spins and up to a spectacular 60X win multiplier! So, the very maximum possible win with a full screen of the highest paying symbol on a €50 spin is €3,000,000. That’s a fair amount of money to be won. Perhaps highly unlikely but nonetheless, this is just an indication of how high can the Extra Juicy slot go.

Extra Juicy Slot Big Win

Extra Juicy Slot Review: Conclusion

At first glance, the slot did not really give a very pronounced impression. It looked just really mediocre. Visually, it’s nothing too spectacular and the fruit-theme can truly mislead. But after paying some time for this game and doing the math, this slot appears really good. The maximum multiplier potential is really what will make most players spend their time with this game. Chasing the progressive free spins is, however, what’s really worth the time. Don’t be fooled by the looks of this slot and give it a shot when it comes out.

The Extra Juicy slot is currently exclusively released on Casumo. However, the full release is planned on the 28th of March this year.