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Eastern Emeralds: A SlotsFighter Slot Review

QuickSpin hasn’t blown us away with their games in the recent past. With this journey to the east, things take an exciting turn! Promising us potential wins of up to 16 000x, is this the jackpot that QuickSpin was waiting for? Will we see it played live on SlotsFighter? Read on to find out more Eastern Emeralds, their newest online slots game!

eastern emeralds slot review

Eastern Emeralds & Quickspin’s Journey

Quickspin has suffered a slight reputational crisis as of late. Not too dissimilar to NetEnt, their games are known for low volatility and are relatively similar. Their latest offering, Dwarfs Gone Wild, was met with a positive reception, praised for its deviation from standard routine.

Eastern Emeralds follows suit. Our initial expectations weren’t quite high, as Quickspin tout it as a traditional low-volatility slot. Appearances can be deceptive! The game features a potential 1680x win multiplier, but during Quickspin’s own internal testing, the theoretical maximum win was observed to be up to 16 000x!

eastern emeralds intro screen

Multiplier wilds can appear in the base game, giving players a chance to hunt for a wild line!

The news came as quite of a surprise, as this seems to be a change in direction from their usual strategy. Is Quickspin finally adapting to market trends and going down the high-volatility route? Perhaps! The providers themselves rank this at a 2 out of 5 on the volatility scale, but the promised potential is there. Let’s see what we observed ourselves during our testing!

Eastern Emeralds Base Game Payouts

The base game itself is not the source of wealth in the east. While a wildline with the best symbol can theoretically pay out 900x, this is a rare occurrence. The game itself boasts a total RTP of 96.58%, but the base game contributes only 67.94% of that, with the bonus feature providing the rest.

eastern emeralds symbols

An overview of the best-paying symbols in the base game.

The singular wild can only trigger on the first reel, with the 2x, 3x, 4x & 5x wilds appearing on the second, third, fourth and fifth reel respectively. Your odds of actually hitting a reel with a wild in it aren’t too bad: QuickSpin claims it should happen roughly 61.18% of the time. The chances of two or more wilds connecting in the base game are consequently lower: 6.88%.

Any symbol can be substituted for the wilds, except the scatter symbol. Regardless, the total RTP makes this slot quite OK for wagering purposes as well. Your chances of triggering the bonus? That’ll be 1.96%. You might think that the percentage is quite small, but during our tests, the feature appeared quite frequently. And with the promised potential of the large wins, it’s well worth waiting for.

Eastern Emeralds Bonus Feature

The feature is triggered by hitting three phoenix symbols, upon which you are presented with an option of selecting four different types of free spins. This concept is similar to other games such as Jungle Spirit, allowing you to choose between risk and more spins. A concept which could make for some interesting decisions during the SlotsFighter tournament as well!

eastern emeralds bonus choices

The selection of bonus features: the 6 free spins can theoretically give out 16 000x!

The actual principle for the bonus is rather simple. You are given a series of free spins, with the wilds being replaced by higher multipliers than the base game provides. Logically, the higher the multiplier, the lower your amount of free spins. Thankfully, QuickSpin has provided exact percentages to help you make the right choice.

During the 6 free spins feature, your chance of getting a 15x or more is 90%, while it is only 76,9% on the 15 free spins. The chance of a 100x landing is overall the highest on the 6 spins feature as well, coming in at a rate of once every 1170,6 spins. While this may not seem that high, this slot might actually have the highest potential volatility of any slot on the market.

While independently auditing their game, QuickSpin received a payout of 16 000x on the 6 spins feature and 2294x on the 15 free spins. Granted, this is over a period of more than a billion spins, but undoubtedly there are going to be some huge wins coming from Eastern Emeralds.

Eastern Emeralds: Must or bust?

Overall, we were quite impressed with Quickspin’s latest offering. With the selection of bonuses and the amazing potential on the feature, this game is great for both wagering (due to its lower volatility) and for potentially scoring amazing wins. Of course, the chances are not the highest, but the potential is insane.

eastern emeralds bonus win

Almost an insane score on the base game as well! This slot brings plenty of fun.

Our conclusion at the SlotsFighter team is that this slot is a definite must and we recommend trying it out as soon as it hits the shelves. Eastern Emeralds will be released on all Quickspin casinos on July 10th. Definitely a contender for the biggest potential slot of the year so far! We’ll be waiting for those huge wins.