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Chipmonkz and Chloe Talk Slots & Strategy

Who would’ve thought? Two family members are competing in the world’s most prestigious slots tournament. Chipmonkz, well-known slots streamer and now website owner had a chance to sit down before his match. A rather interesting game. It was a game where he had to face his daughter – Chloe. I sat down with the two competitors to learn a bit about their history, talk slots and chat strategy. Let’s have a look!

chipmonkz and chloe interview

Video Of Our Interview With Chipmonkz & Chloe

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In case you’re not feeling like watching a video, the shortened text transcript of our interview is below. I’ve decided not to shorten our names since they all start with C anyway.

Our Interview With Chipmonkz and Chloe

Chris: Chip, have you always had an interest in slots? If so, how did it get started?

Chip: It all started out by going to poll halls when I was a tad bit younger. I remember there used to be 2p machines that you could play, so I used to spin on those when I was younger. Then they upgraded to 5p Barcrest slots with a potential for a jackpot. It all went up from there. Eventually, I started playing slots online about ten years ago.

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ChrisChloe, does your interest in slots come from watching your father’s livestreams; was it inherited?

Chloe: I think it started off with my father’s livestreams. I wasn’t much of a fan of gambling, other than an odd scratchcard here and there. But I started to like it. There’s a large variety of games that I do tend to enjoy.

The Reaction From The Family

Chris: What was the reaction from the people around you once they heard about your decision to start streaming for a living?

Chip: It was a mixed bag at first. My wife was obviously very happy as it was a source of extra income. My mother was skeptical at first, but now she’s actually playing slots as well. So it’s turned out quite okay! I would also be thrilled if Chloe decided to become a full-time streamer. I would be proud of her.

Chris: Off the stream, do you also talk slots with Chloe and discuss gambling-related matters?

Chip: Obviously. Now that we have the website up and running and with her doing the articles, we talk it about every day. We talk about slots all the time & new releases as well.

Chris: Let me ask a cheeky question: which one of you is the better writer?

Chip: It’s definitely Chloe. I can only do the ideas.

Chloe: Chip gives me the ideas, and then I put them on paper. It works out quite well.

Strategy Talk With Chipmonkz

ChrisChip, what would be your advice for Chloe? How would you tell her to manage her bankroll in the best possible way?

Chip: I’d advice her to treat gambling only as a hobby. Don’t ever use the money for it that you need for anything else. Pay off your bills, rent, food. Use that extra spare change for gambling only. Treat it as fun.

Chris: Any game you would advise her to never play?

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Chip: Dead or Alive. That game will eat you alive.

Chris: Final question. Which one of you two is the favorite to win this match between you two?

Chip: It’s got to be Chloe.

SPOILER ALERT: Chipmonkz ended up winning the match.