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Backstage pass: How does SlotsFighter and casino streaming work?

Casino streaming is an enjoyable and easy way to experience gambling content. Best of all, casino streams are entirely free to watch, and you don’t need to gamble your own money to enjoy the action. Despite the increasing popularity of streaming, a vast majority of viewers are not aware of the work that goes behind the streams. The technical setup, the business aspect, as well as the intricacies of SlotsFighter.

Since an increasing amount of viewers have been requesting such information, we’ve decided to compile a little guide. We’ll try to explain the general hardware setup, casino choices, and decisions that go behind the delivery of a high-quality stream. In addition to that, we’ll show how SlotsFighter differentiates itself from other casino streams. Read on to find out more about our approach. Who knows, maybe you could be the next online casino streamer!

Hardware and software setup

First off, we’ll cover the technical aspects that are common for both regular casino streamers and SlotsFighter. To stream, streamers usually employ both a microphone and a camera in their setup. This increases viewer interactivity and allows the viewers to see and hear the reactions of the player playing the games. There is a particular bias regarding the choice of gear, most professional streamers, regardless of their chosen game, use Blue microphones and Logitech C-Series webcams, known for their excellent build quality and reliability.

blue yeti microphone

A Blue Yeti microphone, an affordable & high-quality choice for casino streaming

Of course, a capable personal computer is also required for streaming purposes. Generally, a regular, modern-era laptop with an Intel I5 or equivalent CPU is sufficient for outputting a broadcast in 720p quality. If you wish for your viewers to enjoy high-quality video in 1080p, a dedicated GPU, a fast Internet connection and at least 8GB of RAM will serve your purpose well. There are many guides on the Internet already out there regarding the technical specifications. Logical Increments, a trustable guide for building computers, have put together a convenient guide. Check out the article to see what fits your budget. You don’t need to spend a ton to get high performance.

When it comes to choosing software, there are several options. The most popular choice by far is OBS, a free broadcasting software that allows for a significant amount of customization. You can set up your scenes, choose your design and mix video and audio as if you were working for a TV station. Some streams opt to use XSplit, which is paid software. It allows for green screen simulation, Skype integration and generally a more powerful suite to fully customize your stream.

Ensure your stream is technically flawless!

Regardless of your chosen platform, it’s essential to set up your encoding settings so that your viewers can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and action. Thankfully, Twitch has set up a guide that details the exact technical specifications. Once your technical settings are all set, you are ready to click the stream button. Welcome to the first step in your casino streaming journey.

Streaming platform choice

As of June 2018, the selection of platforms is limited. Twitch remains the most comfortable and most commonly used option. A recent change in YouTube policy has disallowed live streaming of online casino games. Players are still able to upload their videos, but not stream. This change of heart is linked to Google disliking the loss of traffic and affiliate revenue. You can hear more about the thought process from fellow SlotsFighter competitor Chipmonkz in the video below.

Financing your casino streaming adventure

You have your technical setup, you’ve decided on the platform, what’s next? Easy! You have to choose a casino to stream on. But it doesn’t end there. You also need a bankroll of your own! Okay, so you’ve got that covered. What’s next? Well, things are not as elementary as they appear.

Casino streaming is expensive and needs to be strategically planned!

It doesn’t matter if you have the most massive bankroll in the world. Players of any casino game understand that there can be ups and downs during play. No matter your chosen game, the house holds an edge in the long run, which can lead to a depletion of your playing funds, which makes for small streams. In order to finance their streams, casino streamers frequently set up affiliate deals with the casinos they stream for. Effectively, streamers engage in a partnership. While the casinos themselves do not provide the players with any financing, they give the players an affiliate account. What this means is that slots streamers can create links that generate revenue upon sign-ups.

Affiliate revenue can fund your casino streaming, but cannot guarantee you a steady income!

Even though affiliate revenue can generate a nice income, it is not easy to break out in the Twitch landscape. Besides, a partial amount of your pecuniary gains will go to additional deposits. Twitch viewers generally like to see players bet higher stakes, so your bankroll needs to be managed carefully. It’s also essential to establish a good connection with the casinos you want to promote. Send e-mails to casinos you play on or like, talk to affiliate managers and set up solid deals. Viewers tend to trust streamers who play from established casinos, and trust plays a vital role in building a relationship with your audience.

casino streaming slot machines

Playing slots is gambling after all. Manage your bankroll smart even while streaming!

Getting to work and building your audience

To say that your audience plays a huge role in your success is an understatement. When you’re just starting out, don’t be discouraged by the lack of viewers or interaction. There are a significant amount of streamers on Twitch and they are competing for viewers and affiliate revenue. You need to stand out from the pack. How you decide to do this is up to you. You might conclude that the view count is not essential for you and having fun is more important. You can play low-value bets and attract players and viewers with a similar playstyle to yours.

There is no single concrete secret to success in attracting your audience and improving your casino streaming experience!

Despite what online articles or wannabe hucksters may want to tell you, there is not a single proven strategy that will help you stand out from the pack. There are some tips and tricks that a vast majority of successful streamers use, including:

  • Having your website or dedicated community
  • Being active on social media and engaging with your visitors
  • Sticking to a consistent schedule and targeting specific timezones
  • Streaming from reputable casinos
  • Optimizing your affiliate strategy

If you’re beginning your journey, don’t be concerned about ticking all of the boxes. Focus on the stability of your stream, be consistent and most importantly: have fun! If you feel like you’re burning out or feel forced to stream, this might not be the right path for you. Don’t think of it as a way to make money; you have to be passionate about slots & the casino industry to have success. Watch streams, interact with streamers and gather information before deciding to pull the trigger and becoming a streamer.

SlotsFighter: a different beast

Our participants already have a good idea on the behind-the-scenes aspects of SlotsFighter, but a lot of viewers remain curious. The engine driving SlotsFighter is quite a hefty one. Without revealing too many trade secrets, we use high-bandwidth servers and several tools to connect players from anywhere in the world. Both participants connect to a remote server, at which the point the gameplay footage can be captured. At the same time, both players voices and video are taken from a video messaging platform. When all of the audiovisual information is received, it is relayed to the mysterious tech team. They perform a little bit of magic, combine everything and deliver the final output through OBS. In that regard, SlotsFighter is not different from any other casino stream. It’s the gameplay process that is unique from all other casino streams.

Conclusion about casino streaming


Man thinking

A visual depiction of a man thinking about his prospective casino streaming career.

We hope that our guide has helped clarify some of the pertinent questions you may have about casino streaming. It isn’t an easy road, requires a financial investment and takes up a portion of your time. If you enjoy slots, love interacting with people and want to share your highs and lows with an audience, give it a shot. It can be hard to break out, especially with YouTube now disallowing casino streaming. As with all things in life, perseverance and dedication is the key. Just remember: it isn’t as easy as it looks! And to answer one final question that regular viewers of casino streams ask:

Do streamers have any statistical advantage while playing slots over regular players?

The answer is: NO!

Streamers are regular people playing slots. Want to become one of them? The choice is yours.