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Bankroll Boss: Learn how to play more with less

Have you had some devastating and unlucky runs playing online slots? Have you had your bankroll busted a few hours, if not minutes after your deposit? Well, it’s time to step your bankroll game up and employ a new casino slots strategy then! Become your own boss – most importantly, become your own bankroll boss!

In this series of articles, we will explore new and best online slots game strategies to employ in your online casino game runs. If you wish to improve your bankroll and play at a steady pace, then surely, these tips will come in handy.

Casino slots strategy


Know your game – a key to casino slots strategy!

First of all, you have to know the game you are playing. If it’s your first time playing a specific online slot – go low and slow. There’s no rush. Play with small bets, explore its features. Even if you are familiar with them second-hand, by seeing it from your favorite online casino streamer. You can never be too careful. It’s your own money at stake after all!

However, once you have properly introduced yourself to the game – don’t go too far with the bets either! Every online slots game is for its budget. Some games might not be so good with smaller stakes. So, as a safety precaution, find a comfortable range for your bet. Keep a delicate balance between optimal wins and ensuring a lasting play time. After all, being a bankroll boss is all about being safe and keeping your balance in check.

It’s vital to understand the importance between high variety and low variety slots. Games like Book of Dead can have cold streaks during which you might not see many wins at all. All of a sudden, they can deliver amazing hits! These games are generally called high variance and carry a more massive amount of risk. Lower variance games such as Steam Tower give you more playtime for your buck, but do not always give you the chance to score great wins. However, they will allow you to play for longer!

Always keep one eye on the balance

When we talk about balance – this is one of the critical points. Always keep an eye on the balance. Some games may be tricky into showing that you’re cashing in a lot of wins. This is a trick known as losses disguised as wins (LDW), which are winnings below your bet size. When you look at the balance after a streak of penny wins, you realize that you’ve been leaking all that cash straight out of your wallet. It can often happen while playing low-volatility slots.

So, being aware of your balance continually is but another key to a proper casino slots strategy. Let’s say, set a reminder for yourself to check your balance after every minute or two. Keeping a steady routine is an efficient approach to extend playtime while playing online slots. If you’re having trouble tracking your balance and feel negative emotions due to your bankroll, visit GambleAware for help regarding any gaming issues you may experience.

Turn small wins bigger

Some casino providers, such as Play’N’Go, Novomatics, Microgaming, and Merkur, have a gamble feature on their online slots. Perhaps, using this feature on larger wins might not be a good idea. But taking a shot to turn a 10 cent win into 1.60 can sometimes be the better choice. Even with a 50-50 chance to win it, this is a feature to keep in mind. Especially when you’re seeing that your balance is thrusting downward.

Another detail to note is that some providers have included an option to take half of the win at stake. In that case, if you can afford it – take a shot at turning a more substantial win even larger. Take half and try your luck to double the other half.

The key to this is to evaluate your options carefully. If you have already taken some massive hits to your bankroll, try your luck on the smaller wins but always collect or bet half of the more significant gains. Once you pick up the right flow, you’ll be met with a quick recovery or a potentially lovely gain to withdraw. This could also work well when you’re on the final straight of meeting your wagering requirements.

N.B. The gamble feature is not calculated in overall slots RTP. Keep that in mind when developing your slots strategy.

Take your first step into becoming a bankroll boss

With all this advice in mind, it’s time to get your bankroll ready, because it’s going to be going all the way up. Once you apply this online slots strategy, there’s little doubt that you will have any concern about your balance. With the right amount of care and safety precautions, it’s easy to preserve your balance and enjoy your playing time faster, longer and better.

But to truly master the art of keeping your online casino balance steady, you have to keep learning. So, stay tuned for more for more articles from the ‘Bankroll Boss’ series! It takes skills to crack random number generators. It’s never too late to improve your casino slots strategy!



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