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BlackCatSeven heads to the final to face SpinNinja!

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. The best way to describe the third and last semi-final duel between BlackCatSeven and The Scatterman. Both players used their best online slots strategies and efforts to take a step closer to the grand prize of €10 000.

BlackCatSeven squeaks out an uneasy victory

With The Scatterman keeping the lead in the first round in all win conditions all the way to the end of the round, BlackCatSeven managed to get a surprising recovery. He evened out the bonus count minutes before the very end. More surprisingly, he beat his opponents’ big win at the very last moment.

While the second round was thoroughly dominated and won by The Scatterman, BlackCatSeven gave a confident response in the Netent slots round. He collected 7 bonus games against his opponents’ 3 bonuses. This gave him a very long-awaited round win.

The fourth round is going in the SlotsFighter history books as one of the toughest rounds of the season. Both players scored even in all categories all the way to the last spins of the bonus opening, where finally, The Scatterman took the lead and managed to take the duel to the Bonus Run. Both players chose the same game – Book of Dead. The big hit didn’t take too long at all. BlackCatSeven hit the bonus just half a minute in. Watch the highlights below.

What can we expect from the finals?

Both of this season’s scoring leaders will meet this evening in the final and closing duel of the first SlotsFighter online slots tournament, where it will be decided who will take away the grand prize. Hopefully, both players have refined their online slots strategies and are ready to engage in a big slots fight! Take note, only one player will walk away with it all. Will it be SpinNinja with his magical comebacks? Or will BlackCatSeven show his slots expertise yet again? Tune in on Twitch and YouTube tomorrow to watch the biggest slots fight ever. Don’t miss out!