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BigBot Crew: Quick Fix For A Quick Big Win By Quickspin

Quickspin takes another far leap to squeeze into this competitive industry with their new slot – BigBot Crew! It’s a slot that allows the player to shift into a parallel universe and explore a futuristic robo-world. Not only does it pack some neat features, but quite a bit of potential too. Is the BigBot Crew slot Quickspins’ best attempt to show what they’re capable?

Bigbot Crew Slot Review

BigBot Crew Slot Review: An overview

BigBot Crew is a 5-reel, 4-row online slot with 40 paylines. It has five premium symbols and four basic symbols, along with the Bigbot Wilds. The basic symbols are represented by differently colored gears and parts. While the premium symbols bare the faces of the central characters of the games’ lore.

Bigbot Crew Slot Paytable

Symbol value on a €0.60 bet.

The game packs an RTP of 96.51%, and Quickspin rates it at 4.96 out of 5 in their volatility scale. Additionally, it offers a max payout of 5200X per single spin. The bet size ranges from €0.40 to €100.

BigBot Crew Slot Review: The features

The central feature of the game is the Bigbot Wilds – a wild reel symbol. The Bigbot wilds can act on their own, individually, as simple wilds, if only a portion of the land. However, when two or more wilds fully land on the reels 3, 4, and 5, the game triggers the Bigbot Respins. The amount of respins is determined by the number of wild reels that have fully landed. In the respins, the Bigbot Wilds remain on the reels, however, change positions randomly upon each spin.

Bigbot Crew Slot Respins

Moreover, if only but a portion of two or more Bigbot Wilds appear on the reels, a Mystery Nudge triggers. The Mystery Nudge allows the partially shown wilds to expand across the reels fully and also trigger the respins. Also, during the respins, any other partially revealed wilds might expand to their extent. Though, it can often make the gameplay somewhat painful with its teases.

Furthermore, BigBot Crew slot bonus game also features the Bigbot Wilds. The bonus game triggers with three scatter symbols reel 3, 4, and 5, and grants the player eight free spins.

The bonus game similarly incorporates the wilds like in the base game. However, any appearing wild reel is fully guaranteed to expand and remains throughout the remainder of the free spins. While it does open room for potential, the randomly traveling have shown to disappoint during testing.

BigBot Crew Slot Review: Design

Quickspin has rarely disappointed with the design aspect of the game. Though, it may seem that that is precisely what they have tried to stand out with in the industry, thus, cutting down on game potential. However, this game balances the two traits.

BigBot Crew Slot

The game design is exceptionally well throughout. The visual effects do seem quite refined. They have even given the game a piece of lore to add it some character (not that too many casino enthusiasts would care about this aspect).

The sound in the BigBot Crew slot is also entirely on point. The sound effects, accompanied by the dynamic animations, really bring an exceptional design experience.

BigBot Crew Slot Review Conclusion

All in all, compared to a few other Quickspin releases, BigBot Crew slot really appears to stand out. The features are nothing really overly innovative, but they work. In Quickspins’ case – they really needed a slot that works. In all honesty, it might even work quite well for the online casino community. This game truly has something to it. With a max payout potential of 5200X, although a far stretch, there is still some room to find a decent multiplier between.

The game is already released, so feel free to check it out on Mr. Green online casino and see what you think about this game.