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Big Time Gaming Slots Rankings: UPDATED!

Big Time Gaming slots have been all the rage for the past year and a half. With releases such as Donuts defying the definition of the word volatility, we’ve decided to check out their entire library. That’s right. We’ve ranked all of their slots. Want to know what the best slots are? Continue reading on to find out our opinion! Or if you’re lazy, check the top 5 out right here.

12. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

This slot. Just don’t play it. A video review will be coming soon. Avoid. 89% of the audience votes for D. The correct answer is A. You’ll learn to love the dumb audience in this game, as well as losing your cash.

11. Gold

There’s not that much to be said about Gold. Being one of Big Time Gaming’s first releases, it doesn’t feature many of the features that we’ve come to expect from their repertoire in this day and age. It’s a stable 20 line slot, no bonus buying, no megaways. It features a wild symbol that doubles anyway and has a somewhat standard bonus that can trigger up to 180 spins.

big time gaming slots gold big wins

The reason for the low ranking of Gold isn’t that it’s inherently bad. It’s just a very dull and commonplace slot. While it does have a beautiful visual aesthetic and even features soundtrack from 80s band Spandau Ballet, it doesn’t redeem the game. While you won’t rip out your hair and be disappointed with the slot, you’re better off playing other Big Time Gaming slots.

10. Temple Quest: Spinfinity

Spinfinity is a remake of the classic Microgaming slot Temple Quest, featuring Big Time Gaming’s signature megaways functionality. The slot promises a “spinfinite” amount of spins, theoretically meaning that you can retrigger forever. Upon landing 3 or more green bonus symbol, the bonus game is awarded.

Watch Never Ending Free Spins on Temple Quest (SlotsFighter) from SlotsFighter on

While we’ve seen some nice hits during SlotsFighter, the potential merely is very lackluster in comparison to other Big Time Gaming slots. The bonus has to retrigger several times to get a big win & the premium symbols are scarce. While it’s not a terrible slot in its own right, its lack of winnings has tarnished its popularity. SlotsFighter verdict? Choose something else.

9. Book of Gods

Considering the popularity of Book games across the gaming landscape, Book of Gods was awaited with a lot of fanfare. Players were excited to see the company’s take on the subgenre. The initial pitch sounded great. 243 paylines, expanding symbols and plenty of retriever action. In addition to the bonus drop feature, it seemed like a fantastic addition to the Big Time Gaming portfolio.

big time gaming slots book of gods reel screenshot

Upon the release of the game, the fanfare died down. While the game is not bad per se, it hasn’t received popularity even close to giants such as Bonanza or Danger High Voltage. This could be due to the lack of good base game wins & frequently disappointing bonus features. Unless you receive a retrigger on your bonus, the chances for a big win are very slim. There is theoretically insane potential of up to 4860x, but the big hits do not come as often as on other Big Time Gaming games. You’re better off playing Magic Mirror II Deluxe or Book of Ra if you’re craving for some high-volatility, high-potential action.

8. Dragon Born

The first game on our list to feature a commonly seen theme on Big Time Gaming slots: MEGAWAYS! Featuring up to 117,649 megaways, the slot is somewhat of a combination of Star Quest and Bonanza. The bonus feature can be triggered by landing three diamonds anywhere on the reels, but it features the full reel wilds seen in the prior game. What’s interesting is the fact that the amount of awarded bonus games increases as more diamonds appear on the playing field. If you hit a diamond in each reel, you are awarded 50 free spins!

big time gaming slots dragon born reels and big win

This might be the BTG game for you if you’re craving some fast bonuses! Released in 2016, this slot still hasn’t shown its age, but it lacks the extra-high volatility their most recent output is known for. The bonus game usually triggers more MEGAWAYS than the base game does & it has the chance to deliver some nice hits. A perfect way to enjoy the BTG flavor without completely breaking the bank.

7. Star Quest

Perhaps a slot that tends to be lost between its bigger siblings, Star Quest is another early Big Time Gaming release. The slot features the classic 117,469 ways to win, as well as the wild reels functionality. The aspect that makes this game interesting is the ability for the reels to sync and respin. Upon triggering a full reel wild, the slot will respin again, potentially giving you the chance to have a full screen of multiplier wilds. The game lacks a bonus game or additional free spins.

big time gaming slots star quest big win screenshot

While the concept and potential of this slot are impressive, the payouts can massively vary between playing sessions. When this Big Time Gaming slot was initially released, many lamented it for providing players with a lot of deadspins, despite the number of possible paylines. It’s certainly something to consider before engaging on a trip to space. You may be in for a visit to a lot of lonely planets before landing the dream hit.

6. Queen of Riches

Upon first glance, this slot might seem similar to Star Quest. If you came to that conclusion, you would be right. Other than the fact that the wilds do not trigger a respin and are automatically granted a multiplier, the slots are very close in design. So you might ask: why is Queen of Riches ranked higher overall? Pretty simple. The slot is the queen of high volatility slots! Take a look at the video below by SlotsFighter participant Chipmonkz.

It’s simple: the slot has massive potential. While it might have a relatively standard RTP of 96.9%, don’t be fooled: those wins won’t come frequently. Similar to Star Quest, the game has periods where it can appear to be completely dry. A reel of wilds appearing does not happen too often, but when they do, you are almost certainly guaranteed an excellent payday. Out of the 6-reel Big Time Gaming slots without a bonus feature, Queen of Riches reigns out of sheer potential.

5. White Rabbit

Ah, White Rabbit. This slot has its fair share of lovers and haters. Why so? Easy. It introduced the concept of the FEATURE DROP. An idea which allows players to pay several times their bet to receive an instant bonus. Of course, you can still obtain “natural” bonuses by merely playing the game, but the chances are not of the highest echelon. While a lot of players love this feature due to the ability to purchase their bonuses whenever they want, there is a vocal minority that despite it, claiming it undermines the essence of playing slots.

In the above video by former SlotsFighter participant BlackCatSeven, you can see an experiment where he bought 100 bonuses in the game. Despite the vast amount, the most significant win was just over 440x! The game has massive potential and can even retrigger during the bonus rounds if all reels are expanded, but just as with other high volatility games, it’s not something that occurs on every single spin. If you want to check out the original, it’s still good and available on all Big Time Gaming casinos.

4. Donuts

We’ve already covered Donuts in-depth in our slot review, so you can go check it out if you want to see the overall rating and structure of the game. I have to say that my feelings regarding this game have changed quite a bit. It still is an entirely volatile monster, that shouldn’t be too shocking since you’re playing Big Time Gaming slots. As the game has marinated a little bit, we’re finally starting to see some great wins coming out of the latest release by BTG. Hell, it might even turn out to be an alright wagering slot, since at times it seems like the base game can pay better than the bonus!

In the video above by SlotsFighter participant FruitySlots, we can see a multiplier and a bonus on Donuts finally paying off! With a theoretical maximum multiplier of 800x, who knows what sort of wins we will see in the future? One thing’s for sure: don’t judge a book by its cover. This 4-reel slot certainly has some significant potential hidden inside of it.

3. Danger: High Voltage

The Danger is a formidable beast. This slot, accompanied with a soundtrack by Electric Six has certainly proven itself to be a worthy contender in the online slot landscape. Even without featuring the patented MEGAWAYS, only boasting a measly 4096 ways, the slot has great potential both in the base game and the bonus game. The base game features the well-known wild reel, albeit without the classic variable multipliers, only having the regular wild reel and a 6x, which can line up several reels in a row!

The bonus game features two choices: either the High Voltage bonus or the Gates of Hell. The first option allows for an unlimited amount of retriggers alongside a random wild reel that can multiply up to 66x. The Gates of Hell can open up and transform a single symbol into a wild, potentially setting off a retrigger if the wilds line up inside of the center square. It’s not hard to see why the game has garnered such popularity in the slot community: it can pay off BIG TIME! Truly one of the Big Time Gaming slots that will never go out of style.

2. Bonanza

What is there to be said about Bonanza that hasn’t been said already? It’s one of the most volatile slots in existence. It’s tough to bonus, showing the now famous GOLD letters roughly 1 in 500 spins. Of course, it’s also enjoyable to play and can even be a good wagering slot provided you hit a nice win. There’s no wonder it has become one of the most popular online slots in existence. Want some proof? The biggest gain in SlotsFighter history comes on this slot, with this season 1 hit by SpinNinja still holding the crown.

As you might deduct, most of the potential in the slot lies in the bonus game, in which every single hit adds up to the overall multiplier. If you collect three minecarts at the top of the screen, you get additional spins. It’s easy to see where this is going. The more of the mine you manage to blow up, the bigger the winnings from subsequent wins. It’s a formula which has worked out exceptionally well for the company, which is why they created a sequel with plans for more games in the works.

1. Bonanza: Extra Chilli

Talking about sequels. Extra Chilli managed to deliver a big bang. It’s everything Bonanza does, except with one less reel and volatility that has been cranked up to the max. If you like some risk when you’re playing slots, you’re going to love this game. Want to see an example of the bonus? We got a video right from the SlotsFighter archives!

The main attractions in this game are twofold: the ability to buy the bonuses and the ability to gamble them away. That’s right. As if you weren’t risking enough by already spinning a slot, you can spin a wheel to try and multiply the number of free spins you already have. A base bonus gives you eight spins, but you can spin the wheel all the way to 24 spins. The chances of you getting there? Roughly 1/10. While some have raised concerns over the ability to gamble away your free spins being potentially destructive, the wins speak for themselves. This is the most popular slot in BTG’s portfolio, and it can pay big time, provided you have the guts to play it.

Summary about Big Time Gaming Slots

Big Time Gaming slots are popular for a reason: they feel hand-crafted, their games can pay out massive amounts, and they are just fun to play. If you’re looking to risk a bit in your next slots playing session, there’s no doubt you should give one of their games a try. True, they might be slightly lacking in diversity, but high volatility is their trump card. It will be exciting to see what sort of games they have in the pipeline.

Agree with the list? Want to argue about the sequence of games? Come on the SlotsFighter stream and give us a holler. We’ll be waiting for your opinion of what is the best Big Time Gaming slot! If you want to try some of their slots as well, hop onto one of our recommended casinos and start playing now!