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Top 5 Best Paying Slots of 2018

I know, I know. It might sound like a clickbait title. But it’s not! You may presume there are no such things as “best paying slots,” alas, 2018 has brought us plenty of surprises. Game providers such as Red Tiger and Push Gaming providing us with higher volatility games. The dominance of BTG in the online casino streaming community continues to go on. And NetEnt has surprisingly put out a few good games! Regardless, you’ve come here to find out what’s paid the most this year. So without further ado, these are the best paying slots of 2018!

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5. Fat Rabbit

Push Gaming, a relative newcomer to the online slots scene, has managed to turn heads in the casino community. Hopping on the high-volatility train, they’ve delivered a truly solid and stacked game: Fat Rabbit.

best paying slots rabbit

A relatively lackluster start to a Fat Rabbit bonus.

The slot is a real rollercoaster ride. While the base game features a nice wild feature that has good potential, the main appeal is the bonus feature! Whenever a rabbit appears in the base game alongside a carrot, the bonus starts. This is where the magic happens. While the slot overall has an RTP of 96.45% and is classified as a medium-volatility slot, the swings are huge! The slot can easily pay out wins of a 1000x! While I wouldn’t recommend it for wagering, give it a shot if you want to score a nice big win!

4. Lost Relics

Surprised? So am I. NetEnt has not exactly had the best year. While they were crushing it for a few years, known for their innovative games, their recent output isn’t exactly praised.

best paying slots lost relics

A small sample of a substantial, single sticky wild bonus.

With a handful of releases this year, none captivated me as much as Lost Relics. With a theoretical RTP of 96.30%, the slot doesn’t promise much out of the ordinary. What sets it apart is that it has the double fortune of being both an excellent wagering slot and having an excellent big win potential. With up to 25 additional free spins on the bonus and the chance of 6 sticky wilds, there is a chance to get up to 6000x! I recommend this slot for wagering purposes. And who knows, you might get a big win in the process as well! Give this slot a chance on Mr. Green.

3. Monster Wheels

Yes, you read that right. Monster Wheels has surprisingly been one of the best paying slots in 2018 so far. I hadn’t played this slot in quite some time, almost a year to be exact. While it has always been an OK slot to play, it’s been just that: okay. That changed once I saw this moment on SlotsFighter.

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The largest score of the second season of SlotsFighter so far has come from this slot. Surprisingly, this rather forgotten game from Microgaming can still pay! While everyone in the casino community has played Immortal Romance and Terminator 2 to the max, Monster Wheels is a game that has never been in the driver’s seat. Surely enough, upon trying it again after seeing this win, it has great potential. Just don’t try wagering on this slot, it’s all about taking risks and winning big on Monster Wheels.

2. Eastern Emeralds

Okay, okay, calm down. I know some of you might be saying: “This slot isn’t even released yet!? How can you include it in the list of best paying slots?”. Yes, I know. But I also know this is the best slot Quickspin have ever released. In our review of the slot, we noticed an awesome number on the game sheet: a theoretical max win of 16 000x!

best paying slots eastern emeralds

A solid base game win! The base game can also deliver a full wildline!

Quickspin themselves classify this as a “low-mid variance slot,” but I would tend to disagree. After a disappointing sequence of subpar games, they’ve finally got a winner here. With tremendous potential, as well as solid base game wins, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the casino streaming community get their hands on the game. Eastern Emeralds will be available on all casinos with Quickspin games on July the 10th. If you’re from the UK, we have assembled a crop of casinos that will host the game!

1. Bonanza

The primary player of 2017 continues its reign of dominance in 2018. It’s no secret that Bonanza has become one of the most popular online slots in the world. The sheer amount of big wins and the potential has kept players playing this slot for an entire year. While the slot is known for its high variance, it can deliver AMAZING wins! One of the highlights of this year was a massive win by Daskelelele. Unfortunately, his big win was saved on YouTube, but his account was terminated (temporarily, hopefully) in the big YouTube purge. Still, a screenshot of the withdrawal remains!

best paying slots daskelelele win

An insane withdrawal. Picture credit: Daskelelele

As you can see, he managed to withdraw 99000EUR. While his big win may have been lost in the void of the Internet, the memory lives on, and so does the legend of Bonanza. While the slot can be known for its dry streaks, the high potential and chance for great wins persist.

Final words about the best paying slots

I have to remind you: this list is somewhat subjective and perhaps influenced by the streaming community. Logically, it makes sense to play games which have a good chance of paying out, but your experience may vary. With a handful of new providers creating new and exciting games, as well as Quickspin finally delivering the goods, it’s been a good year for the casino industry so far. In any case, we’ll be featuring all of these games on SlotsFighter this year, so if you want to see the games live in action, check out the goods on Twitch!



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