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Best New Slots 2019: What Should I Play?

Year after year the competition in the iGaming industry stirs up more innovation. 2018 has shown once again the extent to which online slots can reach their playability and potential. With innovations such as Megaways and buying bonuses being all the rage, is 2019 going to follow suit? Lucky for you, not every single game will have a bonus to buy. We’ve chosen 4 upcoming, close-to-release games that we think are going to be awesome! So without further ado, let’s see some best new slots 2019!

best online slots 2019

4. Strolling Staxx

This was a game that we previewed in November already, a game that NetEnt has been preparing in the stove for quite some time. While at first look it might appear to just be a fruit game with little to offer in any other department, it’s a colossal beast just waiting to be explored. There’s an interesting option to pick an extra bet during gameplay, which increases the chances for a huge symbol to land. Quirky graphics, good payouts and the right amount of volatility make this an appealing first release of 2019 for NetEnt.

strolling staxx slot review respins

The maximum payout stands only at 500x, but it has good wagering potential and the bonus bet can make for some stunning wins. As I mentioned in my review, the hardcore player won’t find a lot of enjoyment in this game, but for casual and mediocre players there’s something to like here. Go check out the game when it releases in late January. It will be available in all good NetEnt casinos such as SlotsMillion.

3. Divine Dreams

QuickSpin’s output in 2018 was varied at best. While they did release some red hot games such as Eastern Emeralds, a few slots enthusiasts complained about the lack of overall quality. We liked Big Bot Crew as well personally, but we can see where the dislike comes from. The slow spins, the relatively low payouts, and a penchant to avoid high volatility can be a dealbreaker. That changes quite a bit with Divine Dreams. Is this a good contender for the best new slots in 2019?

Divine Dreams, which we already reviewed on our site, seems to take Quickspin’s passive nature and crank it a step higher. With chances to land a fairly easy bonus and having an extra reel, it can be very interesting to see how the game develops. There’s super respins, ying-yang spins, which turns random symbols into wilds and a constant multiplier that envelops the game in the extra reel. Constant fun to be had here, as you never know what to expect from the outcome. Feel free to try the game out on casinos, it’s out already on casinos such as Winning Room.

2. Turn Your Fortune

As I said before, NetEnt’s 2018 releases were mired with instability and mixed reactions. Turn Your Fortune seems to be a step in the right direction. We already previewed the slot in November, and we’ve been enjoying the slot more and more as time goes on. While at first glance it looked like a generic NetEnt release with not much-added value, it quickly proved to be quite a volatile beast. It’s nothing impressive design-wise, but it makes up for it in its chance to provide huge wins and an exciting gameplay environment that will keep you on the edge.

best new slots of 2019 turn your fortune

With a general release in January, you won’t have to wait for long to try your luck at the spinning features of Turn Your Fortune. With a maximum multiplier of 2000x, it’s certainly worth trying to accumulate the symbols and get yourself a huge, stackin’ multiplier. Take a look at our review of the game for an in-depth look and don’t go anywhere, as we’ll have a video review of the game coming very soon.

1. Holy Diver

This might be the big one. Big Time Gaming had a tremendously successful year, and their new slots 2019 offerings might just be the most hyped up games of the year. With several of their slots ending up in our yearly best-of lists, including the revolutionary Extra Chilli. Holy Diver, another reference to a popular song, this time Dio’s Holy Diver, is the next slot up for BTG. It features several interesting mechanics.

Of course, we still have the classic BTG Megaways, but the way on how the scatters and bonus games are activated is a tad bit different. Instead of collecting classical symbols, you need to collect gems that are contained in chests. 4 of them are needed of each color to trigger the bonus. Interestingly, you can choose to decline a bonus and get yourself an upgrade to a higher level of the base game. It’s a very interesting progression system.

best new slots in 2019 holy diver

It’s a very thrilling experience, and with additions such as the Reel Adventure mechanic, will keep players on the edge of their seats. Besides, just look at how cool the big wild sword looks. It’s a beautifully designed slot that will surely go down as one of 2019’s best entries. Especially after the rather disappointing Who Wants to be a Millionaire slot, this is a step back into the right direction.

New Slots 2019 Summary

Overall, it looks like 2019 is going to be a very competitive year. All providers want to show their worth and avoid the slack. What we have seen so far is impressive, but nothing ground-breaking. Granted, it’s only the first month of the year. Companies usually like to wait until conferences or just before to announce their big sellers. So just wait around for events like ICE London to see some bigger releases. I guarantee there will be some nice announcements regarding the new slots in 2019.

What do you think? Leave a comment on our Twitch stream, we’re surely going to be playing these games and testing them out. Hearing your feedback just adds the cherry to the top. Thanks for reading as always!