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Bankroll Boss: Best New Slots To Play

With providers coming out with new games every day, it can be hard to find the good ones. What are the best new slots of 2018? Don’t stay in the dark. Find out about the best games and where to play them and skip the rest. We’ve done the research already, so let’s rock!

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It’s hard to group all of the slots in a single, general category. Therefore, we’ve selected the top four slots and sorted them into different categories. Games to play for the people who like higher risk. Slots for the players who want to grind out their deposits. And of course, the best slot overall! You might have seen some of these before, but that can only mean one thing: they’re already standing the test of time.

4. Best New Slots Volatility Winner: Fat Rabbit

Ah, Push Gaming. A provider that has exploded both in popularity and in big wins throughout the year. While their games are known for their extremely high volatility and induce moments of frustration, the payoff can be significant. Sure, the base game wins are nothing to write home about. It’s mostly all about the bonuses! That’s why the best new slot from 2018 with high volatility is Fat Rabbit!

The above win from SlotsFighter contestant FruitySlots illustrates a good rabbit. While it can take some time to collect all the carrots, the payoff is indeed worth it. The colossal animal grows up and moves around as a large wild. We’ve seldom seen the fattest rabbit of them all, but the potential is there. The game is available now on all Push Gaming casinos.

3. Best New Slots Grinding Winner: Hotline

NetEnt has driven through a bumpy ride. Once known as being the top dog in the slots industry, their recent output has slightly dropped in quality. You can’t say that about Hotline at all. We’ve already covered the best slots for wagering, but Hotline deservedly needs a mention as well. The ability to select multiple lines allows for strategic gameplay. Pick fewer lines for a better wagering slot and a slower grind. Go all-in and pick all three and you have a volatile monster on your hands!

There were too many good wins on Hotline this season to put up a single video. So why not go through our entire YouTube page and watch them all? Alright, that might take a bit of time. Regardless, if you’re pushing through the last squeeze of your wager, we’ve got you covered. Make the right turn and get to playing some Hotline on a NetEnt casino!

2. Best Mid-Volatility Slot: Sizzling Spins

While Play’n Go are known for their classic games, don’t discount their newest releases. The summer hotness continued with their slot release: Sizzling Spins. This slot is smack down the middle in the RTP and volatility scales. As with a few other Play’n Go games, the base game is not the place to boogie. Once you manage to land the bonus though, the chilis can go nuts! While a multiplier of only up to x5 might not sound unusual, there have been some fantastic wins on this slot.

In this video by season 1 contestant BlackCatSeven, we can see a little bit of the potential. With a 5EUR bet, the Cat fishes up a nice win! While this slot may not always reward you with insane gains, you won’t be left disappointed. So if you’re willing to risk, give Sizzling Spins a shot first. Just like an excellent summer barbecue, there’s something for everyone. Play Sizzling Spins here!

1. Best New Slots Overall Winner: Donuts

Donuts, donuts, donuts. Just like the confectionery, it’s sweet, but it can make you tighten the belt a bit. This high variance slot was already covered in our slot review. As we’ve said beforehand, our initial impressions were not exactly fantastic. Well, it turns out this slot is not as EXTREME to get good hits on. Yes, it might take a while to catch a bonus. Yes, sometimes the bonus has an awful multiplier. But the base game hits can be far too good to ignore. There must be a reason why top casino streamers are playing this game!

Just check out fellow SlotsFighter Chipmonkz nice win here! A significant multiplier can go a long way. On his channel, you can even find a compilation of all the greatest hits from the slot. While the summer heat may be going away, there is one slot that is hot, hot, hot right now: Donuts. Play it at all good BTG casinos!

Summer might be over, but great slot releases will keep on coming! Read up on the latest and greatest here at! To see the best new slots in action, remember to tune into the Twitch stream and have a chat with us.