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Best Netent Slots EVER!

NetEnt slots have always been a mainstay in the iGaming industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran, there’s no doubt you’ve played some of their games. While their recent releases have not been met with the same levels of fanfare, they still are a game provider you should know. In my subjective opinion, these are the BEST games NetEnt have ever released. To make sure you can try them out, I won’t include unavailable games. All these games can still be played on your favorite NetEnt casinos. Let’s go!

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5. Lost Relics

The newest addition to our list is also one of NetEnt’s most recent releases. This 2018 slot is not only great for wagering but also scratches the high-variance record. A common complaint about the last NetEnt slots is their lack of high-risk, but Lost Relics cannot be accused of such a thing. Hit the three scatters? Bingo! You might be in for a fantastic bonus, with a max. amount of 25 spins and godly potential. It’s always fun to go relic hunting!

There were too many good Lost Relics wins during the SlotsFighter tournament to include, so here’s just one of them. While NetEnt released some real stinkers this year, this is a top return to form. Hand-crafted feeling, the potential for huge wins, just the right amount of variance. All in all, an excellent slot that will most likely go down as a classic. Play it at your favorite NetEnt casinos now!

4. Blood Suckers

Talk about a real classic! One of NetEnt’s original slots, I know a lot of you might have overplayed it already. But it’s been played out for an excellent reason. The insane RTP! Boasting one of the highest RTP values of any online casino games, this game is fantastic if you want to keep your session going for a long time. Earlier, when online casinos were not as smart, this game was frequently used to wager bonuses easily. Unfortunately, this game is now on a lot of restricted lists for bonus requirements. If you happen to find a casino where this game is unrestricted, RUN AND PLAY ASAP!

There’s not exactly a ton of big win videos available for this game. Why? First off, despite it having both a bonus and a scatter feature, the wins from the game are not extremely high. Instead, they offer incremental boosts to your overall balance. This is awesome for when you’re in the middle of a wagering session. But as I mentioned before, most casinos will not allow you to wager on this game anymore. Still, want an extended session? Play some Blood Suckers, a true NetEnt slots classic. Play it on all good NetEnt casinos now.

3. The Wishmaster

Another classic from the NetEnt portfolio, The Wishmaster does a lot of things right at once. It’s got the potential for some sweet hits. It can potentially keep you playing for a long time, and simply put; it’s just a ton of fun to play. While it lacks a true free spins/bonus feature of its own, the “magic” comes from the possibility of accruing a ton of wishes. The wishes can give out several different elements: expanding wilds, wild reels, random wilds. Get three of them, and you might just hit the win of a lifetime!

As seen in this video by fellow casino streamer Shirox, he accrues a remarkable combination of three wishes. In this scenario, he even achieves the dream of scoring the full-screen wild, which awards a 750x. Not too shabby at all! This game is always a ton of fun to play since you never what to expect. Want some big wins? Go right ahead and give this one a try. While most casinos tend to put this on the bonus restriction list, it’s available on all good NetEnt casinos either way.

2. Piggy Riches

Huh? Piggy Riches!? In second place? Don’t call me mad; this classic is one of the best NetEnt slots overall! I started playing this slot being utterly unaware of its potential. Simple graphics, cool sound design and a relatively easy bonus to hit. Well, it turns out this slot has several things going for it. It’s an excellent slot to wager on, as the hits come relatively often. You can also choose your flavor of volatility. Whenever the three bonus symbols land, you have the option of selecting between fewer spins and a large multiplier or vice versa. Good fun all around!

Admittedly, my view of this slot might be slightly biased. It was one of the first NetEnt slots I got a genuinely awe-inspiring hit on, as well as it just has something aesthetically pleasing to it. My initial view of this being a fantastic wagering slot also caught on to casino operators. Not every casino will allow you to wager on it, but if you’re approaching the end of your balance grinding, hop on this slot. You won’t regret it. One casino that does allow wagering on this slot is High Roller, so go check them out if you want to reap the full advantage of Piggy Riches!

1. Dead or Alive

The pinnacle of NetEnt slots. Without a doubt, the most fun, the most volatile and the most insane slot NetEnt have ever released. If you’ve never played this one, then you haven’t played slots. Allowing bet sizes all the way down to 9 cents, this is a slot for everyone who wants to hunt a big, old win. Be warned, this slot is highly volatile, but it can award you with big hits on even the smallest bet sizes. Upon triggering the bonus (granted by the three pistol scatter symbols), it’s time to hold your thumbs. A wild line will award a whopping 3000 coins! In practice, the slot is very similar to Novomatic offerings such as Rumpel Wildspins, but with only nine lines. It’s not the size that matters though; it’s the big wins!

This fantastic win from season 1 semi-finalist BlackCatSeven still stands the test of time. Not only was it the most prominent casino win of 2017 overall, but even one of the most impressive wins I’ve ever seen on this slot! While a lot of casinos have taken this game out of the wagering list, it’s one of the best NetEnt slots to play with raw money deposits. The dream is real: start with a 9 cent bet, win a life-changing sum. Just one of those things that can happen on this fantastic game. Without a doubt, it’s available almost everywhere. Play it, and it believe it for yourself.

Where to play NetEnt slots?

Since NetEnt is one of the most popular providers in the market, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a place on where to play your favorite NetEnt slots. Just in case you need some help, we recommend choosing a new casino. Almost every single self-respectable casino will have a variety of their slots available. In addition to that, it will be worth it to take advantage of their welcome bonus to get more bang for your buck.

In case you have any additional questions, feel free to drop by the SlotsFighter stream and ask one of us a friendly tip or advice. Want to know each host’s favorite NetEnt games? Want to know what’s running hot. You know where to turn. Check out our Twitch.TV channel and see you soon!



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