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Best Microgaming Slots Ever Made

Microgaming – one of the most prominent online slot developers and a great giving by the slot gods. Microgaming has been around since 1994 and has brought the industry some of the best slots to date. It’s fair to say that some of their slots fall into the category of slots classics. Microgaming slots have always been reliable, rewarding and will be there for you in the roughest of times. So, we have assessed some of the best Microgaming slots that almost never disappoint. Some of these games have even proven their worth often on the SlotsFighter tournament.

Best Microgaming Slots

Best Microgaming Slots

The games mentioned here are not listed in any particular order, we find them all of equal quality. Given Microgaming’s long history, we have selected some classics and even perhaps some newer slots.

Thunderstruck II

One of the most popular slot games that’s worthy of mention is Thunderstruck II. It’s a sequel of the Microgaming classic Thunderstruck – one of the best Microgaming slots made to date. Although people often may have mixed feelings about this game, this still deserves to be enframed in the hall of slots fame.

Best Microgaming Slots Thunderstruck II

On the technical side of things – Thunderstruck II is a classic 5-row, 3-reel slot with a whopping 243 fixed paylines. Taken all that into account, this game has brought in some serious wins for quite a few online casino enthusiasts. This games’ potential is undying, and it was remade for a reason. Some aspects of the game were significantly improved compared to its prequel. Even still, some might prefer the previous version of the slot to this day.

Avalon II

Next up, a suitable candidate for the title of best Microgaming slots is Avalon II. This fantasy-lore themed slot has been around for quite some time and has certainly caught more than a few players’ eyes. With a wide range of features, it is undoubtedly one of the better makings of Microgaming to date. Most of its reputation retains from the first Avalon game.

Best Microgaming Slots Avalon II

This slot is another classic 5-row, 3-reel slot with 243 paylines. Additionally, Avalon II is very rich with features – both base game and for the bonus. While the variety makes the game very unpredictable, it can also provide loads of huge wins.

Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is one of the newer slots in this list. Although it’s quite fresh, it has still proven itself as a reliable slot in the brief span of its existence. The general theme revolves around a zombie apocalypse with a bunch of survivors hunting for zombies or vice versa. Though, it’s not the theme that stands out in this game the most – it’s the features and the potential for big wins.

Best Microgaming Slots Lost Vegas

In this slot, you get to choose between either playing on the survivor side or the zombie side. As a result, it opens doors for different features for each side. This slot has appeared in the SlotsFighter highlights more than a couple of times. Even with being out for only two years, Lost Vegas certainly deserves the title of one of the best Microgaming slots.

Immortal Romance

Even though there is no order for the slots in this list, Immortal Romance would fall into the top 3 of best Microgaming slots. This slot, accompanied by a vampire theme, is one of the most played Microgaming slots. With a pretty neat bonus and the randomly appearing Wild Desire feature, it has proven its worth for quite some time now.

Best Microgaming Slots Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a must-play for all online casino high-rollers. Though, it takes some time and dedication to get what you want. But when it pays – it pays big-time. This is no mess-around slot, that’s for sure. But the same can be said about any Microgaming slot.

Jurassic Park

Perhaps the only slot ever directed by Steven Spielberg. Okay, not really – but it’s still based on the film of the same name – Jurassic Park. The game features stills from the film, along with some of the main characters and even the dinosaurs.

Best Microgaming Slots Jurassic Park

Though, this game packs more than just pretty pictures and fantastic cinematography. In Jurassic Park, you can see big wins in the size of those freaking dinosaurs. This is another serious slot for serious players.

Terminator 2

This slot may pack the biggest punch out of all these Microgaming slots. Terminator 2 is one of the most beautiful creations by Microgaming. It’s based on the second film in the Terminator film series. With that into account, there’s almost no doubt that this slot has serious heat. Similar to Jurassic Park, this game features some animated clips from the film itself.

Best Microgaming Slots Terminator 2

Terminator 2 has also been quite favored by slots enthusiasts. For a good reason too. Even if it’s one of the more straightforward Microgaming slots without too many fantastic features, it still has tons of potential. Even with quite a few years for this game, the potential for it never dies.

Your favorite Microgaming slots?

In essence, Microgaming slots have been one of the most trusted game providers to date. With a broad list of games, these are but a few of the best Microgaming slots. This list is very subjective, and we chose the ones that appealed for us and the SlotsFighter tournament the most. Though, your list of best Microgaming slots may vary. Their offering of games can appeal to any player, whether they’re looking for some high-roller action or just some casual wagering.

But if you haven’t had the chance to explore too much of what Microgaming has to offer, feel free to check them out in any Microgaming online casino.



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