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Top 5 Best Jackpot Slots Ever!

Are you out on the chase to get the biggest of the biggest wins? Well, it’s best to know the best jackpot slots of all time to find the most optimal way to hit those millions on an online casino. We have gone through dozens of jackpot slots and come up with a top 5 of some of the best jackpot slots released to date.

Best Jackpot Slots Of All Time

Best Jackpot Slots
5. Genie Jackpots Megaways

Genie Jackpots Megaways is on a couple of our top online slots lists and it’s no surprise it has made the cut on the best jackpot slots. This game is not only an exceptional slot overall. The game also packs some serious heat in terms of its potential to get a jackpot. Although, we have seen a couple of big wins on the SlotsFighter stream on this slot. Will we ever see a real jackpot? The time will show, until then, we recommend you to try this slot, especially given its versatility and not showing an exclusive potential in only the jackpot.


4. Hall Of Gods

Hall of Gods is the next best example of an excellent jackpot slot. With over several million paid out in jackpot wins in 2017, there is a good reason why this slot falls into this list of best jackpot slots. Again, in this slot, we see great potential in not only its jackpot but also other game mechanics, especially its bonus and the expanding wilds. Playing Hall of Gods is the best way to reach out to the slots gods themselves.

Best Jackpot Slots Hall Of Gods

3. Divine Fortune

A decent bonus game, a robust wilds feature and most importantly – the jackpot. Put these things together, and you get Divine Fortune – one of the better NetEnt jackpot slots out there. Perhaps it’s not on the top, but it deserves the third place on this spot with its overall capability to funnel out those big wins. We have seen quite a few mega jackpots paid out on this slot. So, Divine Fortune remains as a high paying slot in general with enough possibility for any player to get to that jackpot.

Best Jackpot Slots Divine Fortune

2. Mega Fortune

One way to get to those vast riches on NetEnt slots is Mega Fortune. Another game following the NetEnt Fortune series jackpot slot theme with enough jackpots to go around. It does not pay out the big wins and jackpots as frequently as Divine Fortune. However, the receivable jackpots on this slot can accumulate into some serious sums, heading up to millions. The jackpot certainly makes Mega Fortune worth play, but the other features make it equally playable.

Best Jackpot Slots Mega Fortune

1. Mega Moolah

There is no doubt that there is only one true king of the best jackpot slots jungle – Mega Moolah. This Microgaming slot is a beast of a jackpot game and currently holds the record for the most prominent progressive jackpot paid out ever. That says enough about how insane this game can be. Although seeing jackpots being paid out on Mega Moolah is quite rare. Nonetheless, they’re worth chasing from time to time while dreaming that one day it might be you who fishes those millions.

This is our list of best jackpot slots. However, if you wish to explore and find out about the best jackpot slots, why not try them out on a new online casino. Give Wildblaster a shot and see what jackpot slot fits you best. All the luck to you in your pursuits for the big millions!