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Battle Mania: Fight For Your Big Wins!

Ever felt like playing an RPG game and spin slots at the same time? Well, with Microgaming’s latest release it has become possible! Developed by one of its independent studios Skillzz Gaming, Battle Mania will make the clash for your wins action-packed with a fun, adventurous twist. It’s one of the very few additions to the recent trend of the chimera-like fusion games, similar to Max Quest by Betsoft. Even while this is an exciting fusion to see – but is this slot just all fun and games? Or is there a possibility to find some real, serious big wins? Find out in this Battle Mania slot review.

Battle Mania Slot Review

Battle Mania Slot Review: An overview

As we dive into the game, we are faced with an unexpected sight – no reels, a set of 5 RPG character cards and some of the regular settings for slots betting. First, you’re thinking – “Is this the right game? Am I in the right place? Am I even on an online casino? Maybe I somehow stumbled into Newgrounds.” But the real answer is – nope. You will and can find this game on an online casino, and it is not, in fact, just a simple Flash game but an actual online slots game.

Battle Mania Slot Review Big Win

So, at first, you have to choose between certain teams of characters. Each team has a value and volatility rating, ranging from low volatility and low wins to high volatility and high wins.  In that sense, the game is very flexible. Equally, the paytable value differs between these teams, ranging from 20 to 3940 coins per win. In that sense, Battle Mania slot is very flexible. But that doesn’t still make it look any more than a real slots game.

The betting range varies from €0.50 to €100, so it’s not quite friendly towards low-rollers. And we couldn’t find any info on its RTP.

Battle Mania Slot Review: Features

Well then, now this Battle Mania slot review has gone to the most significant bit about the game – its features. Where to begin?

This game might come off as very confusing for someone who expects the standard 5×3 slot where you can spin and either see the paylines connect, etc. This game has none of that. Here, your chosen team of characters deal damage to enemy monsters. Each hit towards the enemy monster has a set coin value and the win is collected if enough damage is done to the enemy to destroy it. Let the image below be a visual representation to understand how the bet mechanic works in this slot. Though, it’s best off just trying the demo before actually putting money into the game to understand how the game works. However, the best way to see if you will get a big win – just look at how many coins drop from each hit.

Battle Mania Slot Review Bet

After each bet, a character does a set amount of damage, each crystal representing one damage point. Once the enemy monster receives 5 damage points, it dies and the player receives their win.

Additionally, each of the characters has a specific unique ability that can trigger at random. These abilities range from healing themselves or allies, killing the enemy and resurrecting for another shot at a win. Most of the abilities differ only cosmetically, and it’s somewhat rare for any of them to appear. This is similar to how other random base game features work in other slots games.

In addition to the confusing betting mechanics and the whole character team selection, you may also progress and choose between different levels or Islands. To progress to the next island, you need a set amount of cards that may appear at random after each bet. What differs between these islands is the bonus. Each Island has its unique bonus, starting from a Boss Fight to 5 free battles and things like that. The mechanic of these bonuses is relatively similar as it is in other slots games, but the execution is slightly out of the ordinary.

Then, there’s also the Treasure Island, which a player (according to the demo) can use every 12 hours. By betting on the Treasure Island, all wins gain a 25% boost. That’s about all there is to it.

Battle Mania Slot Review Treasure Island

Battle Mania Slot Review: Design

The design for this game is fairly average. It seems somewhat outdated and does look like, as mentioned before, a dated Flash game. There is a minimal impression of it being a gambling game at all, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But for this reason, perhaps some serious slots enthusiasts might not take this game as seriously. Though, one thing that was distracting was the non-existent character animations. The enemy monsters just merely sway back and forth, making it look rather unimpressive and effortless.

The sounds are also not exceptional by any means. The groaning effects from the monsters can get twist the nerves a bit after a lengthy period. The soundtrack isn’t noteworthy either.

Battle Mania Slot Review: Conclusion

To wrap it up, this game is just… Odd, to say the least. This fusion between an RPG game and an online slot is unique, of course. But during testing, the practicality of this approach did not seem to prove its worth. The concept just doesn’t seem awfully too appealing. It seems that the game will really attract only a specific niche of the casino enthusiast population. That said, this game does not seem to be very attractive and doesn’t seem to hold an awful lot of potential. While it is innovative, the pays didn’t seem that well at all to have a fair tradeoff to provide an incentive to play this for a casual gambler. This is a really weird Microgaming release and nothing compared to some of their other recent releases. Nevertheless, give the game a shot when it releases this year on the 11th of December.