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Back In Action!

Vacation time is over! The SlotsFighter team have taken a short pause and are going live yet again. There’s no need to panic, streams are coming back, alongside with some cool stuff and opportunities to earn valuable prizes! Read on to find out more!

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Annie Back From Vacation

After a delightful few days in Barcelona, Annie has returned to the stream and is ready to kick some ass. This week, you’ll be seeing the same regular streams as before, except for the Gamblethons. We’re recreating the concept a little bit and will be back with fresh ideas. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a load more winners this time around! Be sure to check out our Twitch channel, barring any changes; the streams will start the same time as always.


To spice things up a little bit, there’s going to be awesome giveaways courtesy of Pragmatic Play, a company whose slots we have reviewed before. We are huge fans of their offering, and as a result, they’ve given us a little extra to give out to the viewers. On Monday & Tuesday, viewers can win up to 250EUR whenever our streamers hit a win 50x or larger on Pragmatic games. There are no strings attached, tune in, watch some awesome Pragmatic games and get yourself a little cash. And while we can’t tell anything else right now, there might be more goodies waiting for you!

Website Redesign

Another thing that we haven’t focused on in our weekly updates is the fact that the website will be getting an overhaul! There’s going to be a load of great deals, plenty of upcoming game demos, specific country-related deals and boatloads more stuff. So don’t forget to bookmark the page, because change is coming.

Good change is coming.

SlotsFighter is back on track, baby.