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AwayDays Wins Season 4!

Another season is a wrap! AwayDays has done it and become the first back-to-back champion in SlotsFighter history! After facing a tough opponent in the form of CasinoBonusMaster’s Tommy, Ellis prevailed and won it all. Read on to find about how the champ managed to win his second title!

Match wrap-up

To get where he was, AwayDays faced a relatively easy field, at least according to the standings. He managed to top the rankings throughout the first two group stages, allowing him to take the first place and choose his semi-finals opponent. Despite the availability of the quarter-finalists, he chose Salvenoss, who he managed to defeat two against 1.

If there’s one adjective to describe the matches in the semi-final, it would be tight. As tight as it gets. The players traded games back and forth during the first two matches, ending the first day in a 1-1 tie in the series. The third match started in a similar vein, with the players trading blows between each other. However, AwayDays got the better of it by winning the last round by accumulating a handful of Microgaming bonuses.

The real clincher came in the very last match, with both players going back and forth with the scores, it all came down to the bonus run. This time, it was an exceptional occasion. Both players had to select a game to buy a bonus feature on for the same stake. Both players chose Genie Jackpots Megaways, but it was Ellis’s insane unlimited multiplier win that sealed the deal. It was almost the biggest win of the tournament ever. Regardless, AwayDays sealed the deal and walked away as the champion.

What’s next?

Plenty of exciting things are going to be happening on the SlotsFighter horizon. While the plans for the next season have not been finalized yet, there might be some format changes to make things even more interesting. As we prepare for the season, you’ll get to enjoy solo streams every day and the Gamblethon as well. So keep your eyes peeled on the SlotsFighter Twitch and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all further updates.